Help, I feel miserable. why is this happening?


I used to date a friend of mine.. everything started with a drunk kiss ( it was the first time that we were sawing each other after many years.).. it was soo good, high chimstry and deep conversation. I dated him for a month but I blocked him cause in a date he didn't come and said to me that he fell asleep. We were just dating and didn't have sex only kiss.. Regarding relationship the only thing that has been said was from his side and it was like, its too early right now, we must know each other better.

He contacted me after 2 months in another app.. begging me and said that this time things will be serious and things has changed.. I ignored him.. The case is that today I just learned from other friends that he those times ended a relationship that was longer than 1 year and it was serious.

I feel like mistress. I feel dirty and easy. So ashamed of myself. This has never happened to me before.. He is still contacting me.. He doesn't know that I learned that he was in a relationship when we first met. I want to make him as miserable as I am,, what to do?
and why he is contacting me.. am I his backup plan?

Help, I feel miserable. why is this happening?
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