Is it wrong to flirt with a married man at work?

I (28F) have a crush on a man (34) I work with. I only started a month ago. He was one who interviewed me for the job. He said since the moment he saw me he knew I was the one and all other interviewees didn’t matter. We all work remotely so he lives in another state like a few hours away by plane. He has been married for 13 years. But he has been flirting with me and I’ve been enjoying it. He’ll send me dm’s that are cute, I know he wouldn’t send them to others. He’ll find excuses to talk to me. Sometimes he dm’s me for a good hour just talking about himself or asking about me. We’ll have video calls of which he will extend for like 2 hours long just because he talks so much during it and about himself. It seems like our convos are getting longer. He finds excuses now to video chat with me.. like there isn’t any reason to but he’ll say regardless let’s meet up. Is it wrong to engage in this flirting if it doesn’t go anywhere past flirting?

1 y
I don’t want a relationship with this man. I just mean if innocent flirting on a daily basis is ok
Is it wrong to flirt with a married man at work?
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