Guy takes lengthy time to respond to my messages?


Tldr: He used to be so happy but when his relationship failed, he always takes time to message me hours or even days

He admitted though that he still has contact with his ex but they are no longer together. I've been undergoing a lot of heavy issues lately like death of family member

He does respond to me and helps me. He even tries to solve all of my problems even if some of them I just mentioned in passing but he brought all problems up and tried to fix everything in one message.

But it seems like he responds very late. I'm not sure if I should be happy that he is trying to fix all of my problems even those that I am not worrying about or should I be upset that it feels like with the delay of his response, is it an indirect message to just stop messaging?

I once stopped messaging him before but he kept messaging me and tried to bring back the friendship.

Guy takes lengthy time to respond to my messages?
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