If a guy suddenly takes a long time to respond to my texts?

When we first started texting, he was really quick to respond, and I would get an answer within 10 minutes. But since I'm a pretty bad texter myself, it tends to take me about 1-8 hours to reply a text, because I'm so busy and rarely look at my phone, which always happens to be on silent.

And lately I've noticed, that he has turned just as slow as me. Except that now, it takes him about one day to answer, sometimes. I'm genuinely interested, and have tried to make it clear to him, that I'm usually rather busy going out, so I tend not to look too much at my phone. While I KNOW that he doesn't really do anything at home, and I sure he have read my texts, but still it takes him such a long time?

I've recently been a better texter and will answer within an half hour, but he's still such a slow texter that will answer in a day or so. Why is that?


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  • Maybe HE's busy. Do you guys talk often?


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