How do I tell the difference between "fake" flirting and real flirting?


So, a guy "flirted" with me for a long time.

It began when he was drunk and telling me I was beautiful and he was buying me drinks. He then pretended to ask me out.. he'd jokingly ask what I was doing on different days and whether I would have drinks with him (and never did this to any of the other girls - he didn't have a "ladies man" persona). I'm naturally a very cautious person so I'd never respond when he did this and just laugh it off. He did it probably about 8 times.

He'd whisper to someone else (within earshot of me): "I'd ask her out but she'd just say no".

He'd joke that he wanted to marry me. He'd ask me if I'd miss him if he left town and told me he didn't want me to leave. He joked that he was in love with me. He'd notice different moods I was in and try to cheer me up.

After many months of this (and the fact he never did it to other women - i. e. he's definitely not a "generally flirt" guy), one night I turned around and when he was saying how much he liked me, I admitted - yes, I did like him back.

Suddenly he was all: "you thought I was serious... whahaha".
Complete tool, basically.

Now, I'm a good-looking girl and I get hit on a lot by guys but this severely dented my confidence... so I don't want to let this incident with this loser prevent me from showing interest ever again.

But the amount of hurt I feel means that it has to be the "right" type of interest.

So... I met a new guy in my job and he's flirting with me.

When he drops things in front of me, he always says "smooth". When I joked about a creepy guy in my apartment complex wanting to show me his army moves, he's like: "did you go back to his then? Maybe I should try that technique!" He always tells me it's a pleasure to see me and takes time to come from his department to mine to come and talk to me and some other people have noticed his "interest".

Obviously I won't respond too strong with time, but could I misinterpret this as interest when it's just being nice?
How do I tell the difference between "fake" flirting and real flirting?
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