Why does he keep looking at me?

First of all, hello. I had a crush on a guy who I've been in the same class with for two years. We had never spoken before. So, it would have been awkward to approach. It would be so obvious. Like, we know each other but we had NEVER talked.

For the past three months or so, we've been making eye contact. At one point, when the desks in the classroom were empty, he came and sat next to me, saying to his friends that it was for a 'change'. Then, a male friend of mine came over, and we talked. When my friend left, the guy I like moved away from me. I was going crazy thinking about all this, delulu you know?

Later on, I realized it wasn't working, so I went and talked to him. I told him that I liked him. But I only said that and apologized. I said I don't expect anything from him. He took it well. And he said he felt things like that in highschool, he said it was normal and told me not to feel bad.

The next day, it was as if nothing had happened. We still didn't talk at all. But he still occasionally looks at me. A few times, he even slightly smiled while looking at me. Or I'm a big delulu. Why is he doing this? I'm really upset. Am I just imagining things?
Why does he keep looking at me?
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