Why did this guy randomly hug me?

Not sure if this is in the right category, but here it goes.

I am a sophomore in high school, and last year, as soon as the bell rang for 4th period and I walk out of my classroom and barely head for my next class, this random guy I don't know, stops in front of me with his arms open and a straight face. I ignored him and continued to walk away, but before I could do that, he hugs me tightly for 10 secondsand I couldn't do anything, around another 10 seconds, he makes me put my arms/hands around his waist, continuing to hug me.When he was done, we both walked off as if nothing ever happened...

Why did he do this? There could be many reasons as if it was a dare or something but I wasn't sure. I highly doubt he had a crush on me or thought I was attractive, because I had dressed like a boy and completely looked like one, a snapback hat, flannel shirt, and my hair had covered my face (kind of like an emo boy hairstyle, but my hair was very sloppily cut by me) Even though I looked liked that back then (I dress girlie now) a lot of boys at my school thought I was attractive, and were even hitting on me when I dressed/looked like a boy.

So I ask again, why do you think this guy randomly hugged me?
Why did this guy randomly hug me?
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