Why are people in general so mean to waiters and waitresses?

i am a waitress so I get and see my fair share of customers being rude. but I see it when I go out to eat at other restaurants and I can't believe it.

last night I went out to dinner with some friends. out waiter seemed a little sick and halfway through the meal another waiter came over and said our original waiter got really sick and had to leave. he apologized over and over but we all understood and didn't mind.

but the people at the table next to us were giving the new waiter a hard time, bitching and complaining about having to switch waiters and giving him the third degree about why the original waiter left. I was like, does it really matter? you already have your food so it's not like it changes anything.

another time I heard a customer complaining to a waitress that she wasn't smiling enough. the girl looked dead tired and I bet she was working a 12 hour shift (i've done those and I look just as dead near the end) and the customer even complained to the manager. that's such a stupid thing to complain about!

why do so many people have issues realizing we're people too, we make mistakes and get tired and sometimes we're not happy and things go wrong? yeah we're there to serve your food but we're not perfect little robots.
Why are people in general so mean to waiters and waitresses?
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