When a girl calls you their little brother?

There's this girl that I go to college with and just recently before break, we hung out everyday a week before break started. I know she finds me attractive because she's told me herself.

There's this whole family thing going on within our floor Ex. Brothers, sisters, dads, moms, etc. This girl addressed me as her little bro but then again she still flirts with me, she would constantly hug me and held my hand twice. She also leaned in towards my neck and licked it once before in front of my entire floor. During the break, she would tell me how she loves me and misses me, also suggesting that we should hang out during the break.

This girl shows signs that she's interested in me it seems, but then she wrote on my wall for my birthday addressing me as her little brother.

Is she actually interested?
When a girl calls you their little brother?
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