Why is this guy obsessed with my innocence?

My friends guy friend always picks on me when we go out. He is attractive but he already told my friend he only sees me as a friend.

Last night, we all went to a movie and I invited my friend as well. Both my friends were very flirty and he was towards them as well. Then I was ignored pretty much most of the night except for the times when he would pick on me.

I'm a pretty shy, innocent person (only have made out with one guy, never really had a boyfriend, etc.). He seems to love picking on me when it comes to "bad" things and tells everyone "She won't do it, get her to do it!". He also loves to tell everyone how I'm a good girl . He almost seems obsessed with the fact that I don't do "rebellious' things.

Also, he is constantly trying to set me up with his friends who I have no attraction for whatsoever. I have told him multiple times I do not want to be set up and I'm not interested. But when we go somewhere he always says "Oh I'll invite my friend" and he looks at me. Or when my other friends are like "Oh I'll text this guy for you! I'll set you up!", he suddenly becomes interested and tells them "do it! She needs a guy!".

This is quite frustrating because I do not want to be set up and I don't care if I'm innocent or not.

Why does he care so much about me being set up with someone and why is he obsessed with my innocence?
Why is this guy obsessed with my innocence?
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