GUYS: If a guy is smiling and looking down whilst you walk past him, what does this mean?

I was walking right past this guy, he was looking down and also smiling. Why would a guy do this?


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  • The source of the behavior you describe would be very hard to pinpoint. He may find you to be eminently attractive, and react in this manner out of shyness, but, on the other hand, he may think you look laughably ridiculous and be hardly able to stifle an embarrassing guffaw. Again, he might be freshly beyond the cusp of a particlarly virulent gastric emission, and tenuously restraining his perverse delight at the thought of your heading into the wake of its odiferous remnant. There are many more possibilities still, but these should stimulate your imagination.

    • On another occasion I saw this guy and there was only me and him. I was walking past him and he looked directly at me and smiled.

    • That serves to narrow the odds a bit. He either finds you attractive, or he had recently passed gas once again. Perhaps the former is more likely.

  • Most important thing is that there are about 1,000 things it could be other than you. It could be you but he could be laughing to himself about a joke he just heard or he could be thinking about something funny/good that happened to him earlier in the day.

    You're going to want a stronger sign than that. Eye contact is a big plus.

    • He was standing directly in front of me when I had to walk past him and he was looking down and smiling. Anyway there was this other occasion where there was only me and him and I was walking past him and he looked at me directly and smiled. What could this mean?

    • Then he could find you attractive and have mild interest. There is a possibility that he is just being friendly.

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