GUYS: Are super shy around me...Can any of you explain why?

Guys are always super shy around me...

So the guys that are really shy naturally, can barley even look at me...They will say "hello" and seems glad to see me, but can't think of anything to say other then that. So then I'll say something like "how are you?" and they will answer but hardly even look at me. From the corner of their eye they will, but they are too shy to look directly in my eyes. I have seen them blush before.

Guys that are shy, unless they know someone well, Will come up and call me out by name, come up and do the one arm hug thing and say "how are you" they seem eager to see me or talk to me but can't think of anything to say other then that and often will ask the same thing multiple times (though you can tell they are trying to think of something else)

Guys also almost always only hug my with one arm. But yet when they do it, though it may be quick sometimes, I have noticed they pull me in really tight and angle their bodies somewhat, so the whole sides of our bodies touch, and because of the angling my body is sorta by his heart/chest. Sometimes they will be lingering side hugs, with rubbing of my shoulder or back as well.

Then as far as normally confident guys go, they get really shy around me. They can hardly think of a thing to say, and don't come talk to me a lot. Once I went up to a normally confident guy to go talk to him and he literally like "ran off" blushing. That same guy, also took more then half a semester to even come talk to me, even though we played opposites in our play. Guys seem to blush a lot when I actually go up and talk to them.

So why are guys so shy around me and why do they never hug forwards but with one arm in that way? How come they can never say anything other then "how are you?" I'm Sorry to say this, if it sounds stupid, but it sorta bugs me a little, I really want to get to know these guys better but it's really really hard.

PS> I'm from a very conservative home school family, which all these guys know. I am also very petite and the only Asian girl. I'm also really shy, but I try to talk to them but it always gets awkward cause they're all nervous and repeat the same things over and over again, and I eventually run out of things to talk to them about.
GUYS: Are super shy around me...Can any of you explain why?
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