The Frightening Story of My First, and Hopefully Last, Seizure



This is the story of my first seizure.

It’s hard to believe, much less type, that something like that happened to me, of all people. Someone who's always been the sort to push their body till it practically gave out. Tired after work?

No excuses. I didn't pay $45 for a month pass at the gym for it to go to waste.

Seizures used to be something that happened to ‘epileptics’ or any others who’d have to deal with simply having been dealt a bad hand. Friends and I would make joking retorts about how certain scenes in movies should be marked as triggers for people who get seizures…

Now that threat seems all too real!

It all happened this past Tuesday, May 17th. I went to class in the morning, then was meeting up with my boyfriend afterwards.

My First Time Having a Seizure

However, this meeting up with my boyfriend was quite a bit different than our usual hangouts. It was following 3 weeks of drama. This drama started when he purposely kept the fact that he was going for a bike ride with a girl who we’d previously talked about as having a ‘really good body’, being a gymnast and all, away from me. The only reason that I got it out of him was after noticing how oddly he answered my questions about his plans for the next day, leading me to inquire further.

That went on for 3 weeks because he was an idiot and ended up going biking with her 2-3 times, despite my thinking I'd made it perfectly clear that I wasn't cool with it after catching him in the lie the first time.

Anyway, not going off on too much of a tangent, I was a wreck. I didn’t even know that I could cry that much within a pretty short period of time.

Which understandably, led me to having issues with sleeping.

Stress and fatigue were both big contributing factors, according to the doctor. Both suspected as being the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Back to the hangout this past Tuesday:

This was the first time we were going to be hanging out without the intention of my getting to the bottom of his many excuses or telling him that I want to break up. The plan was to watch Game of Thrones, which is a bit of a tradition we’ve had for the past 2 seasons.

Following a visit to Walmart and picking up some things to put together a vegan tortilla for dinner back at his place, watching Game of Thrones was what we did. All was well until about halfway through the episode, when I got incredibly tired. Tired to the point that I began hoping that the episode would soon be over so that I could ‘rest my eyes’.

The Frightening Story of My First, and Hopefully Last, Seizure

I did make it to the end of the episode just fine, I remember that. Next thing that I can recall after the end-credits is his dad standing in the basement as I lay on the pullout couch, soon followed by a lady in uniform. A lady who I’d later follow into an ambulance en route to the emergency room not too far away.

At some point, my boyfriend and/or the paramedic told me that I’d had a seizure.

We were going to the hospital nearby to get some tests done (CT scans, urine test, blood test, etc.)

From this point onwards, it was the weirdest thing to be told things that I’d done of which I had zero recollection.

I knew that I had been laying turned sideways, arms crossed. No surprise there, as that’s always been my preferred position to fall asleep in. My boyfriend first clued into something going not going so well when I started making really unusual movements with my torso, for the mostpart. After which he saw a bit of foam around my mouth, in addition to my lips turning blue. This led to a quick realization of what was going on and he tried to pry my mouth open, in hopes of preventing my choking on my tongue or even biting it off. (I did get a good bite or two on it beforehand, as it's still a bit sore but alas, better sore than cut in two!)

Another part of the seizure of which I have zero recollection is the smile. My boyfriend claims that at some point, assumedly after the foam and he’d managed to open my mouth a bit, is that I smiled at him. In a very weird way, which I obviously cannot recall but I’d imagine would look a bit dopey.

(Turns out this is known as the ‘post-ictal smile’, or a somewhat common occurrence where patients faces will contort into what is commonly known as a smile, despite implying the occurrence of a seizure versus actual mirth.)

The Frightening Story of My First, and Hopefully Last, Seizure

When we chatted after the fact, he mentioned that at that point, he thought I was pulling a prank on him. I’ve never had a seizure before or anything, and wasn’t having the typical sort of seizure that comes to mind for most when they imagine all of someone’s limbs jerking around violently.

Though I often do kid around when we’re just chilling or even dozing off. One of the things that led him to realize that this was for real was when a bit of foam appeared, in addition to my lips turning a shade of off-white.

That, as well as the fact that I was in no way responding to anything he’d say to me during the actual event.

(I tell him now that at no point, neither before nor after the incident, would I ever joke about a medical thing such as this. Just so that he knows for future reference, knock on wood that it never happens again. 🙏)

The Frightening Story of My First, and Hopefully Last, Seizure
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  • FatherKnowsBest
    I am not going to discuss your relationship issues as that is a matter you two must resolve.
    Instead I am somewhat surprised that the seizure you describe was not thoroughly diagnosed. (Unless there are details you chose to withhold.)

    I recall the first time I had a seizure, and it was diagnosed as a 'grand mal' seizure. These are the kind that involve the severe tremors, biting the tongue, and complete loss of consciousness. You should have had either a CAT scan or an MRI to help locate the source of the seizure. Hopefully you had this done, because you do not ever want this to happen while you're driving a car.

    The good news is that seizure disorders are very treatable with mild medication. I have been on phenytoin for over 30 years and never had another seizure. Hopefully your outcome will be the same if not better.

    I wish you better luck with your boyfriends, but just try not to get overtaken emotionally by some unkind actions. There are other men around you and don't think you can't look elsewhere.

    Best Wishes and stay healthy. 😊
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    • kaylaS91

      hey... I did have an CT scan. I had a grand mal or tonic clonic as well.
      I was put on Dilantin (phenytoin) since then, too. Hoping to see a neurologist asap and get taken off of it, like weaned, ASAP, though. I hate it. It's making me so fatigued, not quite as peppy as I was prior to. Messing with the metabolism of my birth control so... that's out of question too.

      I don't have a seizure disorder as far as I know. There's a huge waitlist to get in and see a neurologist but I mean... I only ever had this one seizure. My CT was fine and all. I'm hoping it was a one-time thing!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Why would you stay with a guy like that? He lied about biking and then after you guys talk it over he goes behind your back and does it 2-3 times more. No guy would do that with a girl who was "just a friend" to him. He clearly wants her or has been with her already.

    So is the seizure just a result of all that drama or is there some actual condition you have?
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    • kaylaS91

      There is no condition. The seizure was most likely a one-off type thing from the combination of stress, fatigue, plus an injury I received over 9 years ago.

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  • Jayjax211233
    Awww I'm crying after reading this because I'm disabled and have muscle jerking normally but I also epileptic so I know seizures I hope u feel better soon and u don't have anymore
  • abundantlyrich
    Fatigue does strange things when you dont think it does
  • MasterofYou
    Oh please take it easy... We love you on here..