What colorblindness really means


The most annoying thing to ask a colorblind person is "What color is this?" while pointing to a random object. On one hand, you're an asshole, on the other hand, you know nothing about colorblindness. We are not blind to color, we can still see color. Just not the same way you do. For example, I am green-brown, brown-green, red-brown, brown-red, navy blue-purple, and lavender-pink colorblind. What this means is that I sometimes see the first color listed as the second color. So I never see pink as lavender, but I sometimes see lavender as pink, same for navy blue and purple. Yet the green-brown-red things both look like brown, and occasionally brown looks like them. Yet green does not look like red and vice versa. It is also not true all the time. If the color is really bright, like stoplights, I can tell the difference. Also if the color is really distinct I can also tell the difference. I have a hard time with cars because their colors are usually not bright or distinct enough for me to differentiate. So colorblindness is not blind to color it is blind to the differences between certain (not all) colors. So pointing to something and asking the color will probably lead to the correct answer as we may not be colorblind to that color at all. It doesn't mean we aren't colorblind.

I see dots and they're different colored, but nothing else
I see dots and they're different colored, but nothing else
What colorblindness really means
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  • BeeNee
    I fell down a YouTube hole of watching a bunch of those Enchroma colorblind glasses videos on a bored Sunday a while back, and one of the most irritating things I noticed while watching is when those glasses went on, someone, and we're talking family and friends that have known these people their whole lives, will ask, "can you see color...now," or point to a color they could already see and say "can you see this...now?" Um, they aren't blind, they can see color or more accurately, they see color the way they see color.

    It's kind of interesting because I was studying deaf culture and how families dealt with this idea of "fixing" someone with cochlear implants (allows some deaf persons to hear at a certain percentage) which relates to this idea of these glasses. In both cases, the person is never actually "fixed" i.e. they take the glasses off or they take the implant out and they are still deaf or colorblind (which is wildly mislabeled). You've seen the way you've seen your whole life or experienced life in their case without sound, so it can be difficult to relate to these people who think you're broken and need these things when some people have gotten along just fine being who they are and seeing or not hearing what they do or don't see/hear.

    I'd be curious to get your thoughts on that if someone has approached you about trying those glasses or if you've tried them yourself?
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    • Twalli

      It's never been an issue. I can live a perfectly successful life without the glasses.

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  • Piteka5
    A good friend of mine is also colourblind. A good one, colourblind people were central in the US effort to improve camouflage in the early 20th century, because they could see past it much more easily than the regular people
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  • cceco05
    The only perk to being colorblind is making memes and jokes only colorblind people can see. My biology teacher knew I was colorblind sophomore year and would start every class with a reverse colorblind test so no one but myself could read the joke. It was great.
  • xyz94
    Great take. One of my exes was colourblind and it was hard to understand why he couldn't tell what colour my dress was!

    Please answer mine?
  • Chadnelson1973
    They have glasses for those who are color blind so they can see colors the way they are meant too ! There called enChroma
  • ztriple3
    I'm glad my parents taught me about colorblindness in my pre-teens and I never put anyone through that.
  • alwayzrite
    I'm colorblind and a tattoo artist it's not really that much different the inks are labeled with the color now if I couldn't read then I'd be fucked
  • themomo84
    Can't get into law enforcement or TSA-type jobs.
    • Twalli

      You can get into the military because most types of camouflage doesn't work.

    • themomo84

      It's not my issue as I'm a veteran, but ty