Virginity Testing is BS.

Recently the rapper TI came under criticism for saying he goes with his doctor to her annual gynecologist visits to have her hymen checked to ensure she's still a virgin. Given the songs he sings, that's hypocritical. TI said that he has been doing this annually to his daughter since her 16th birthday. Due to HIPAA, he pressured her to sign a release of information paperwork by asking her if she had something to hide. This is also just plain ignorant and why we need better sexual education. Virginity testing is not real and is something you can't see.

Virginity Testing is BS.

The hymen is a thin, fleshy tissue found at the opening of the vagina. With virginity testing, if the hymen is interpreted to be “intact”, then the woman “passes” the virginity test and it is believed that she has never engaged in penis to vagina sex. If the hymen is interpreted to be “broken” or “torn”, where only the hymenal remnants are found, then the woman “fails” the test and it is believed that she has engaged in sexual relations with a man.

Virginity Testing is BS.
Rapper TI and his daughter, Deyjah

Many other things can cause the hymen to tear. Including sexual abuse, horseback riding, bycycling, inserting a tampon, gymnastics, inserting a speculum during a gynecological exam, among many other activities. Not only that but when a woman has sex, the hymen can simply stretch instead of tear. It's totally possible for the hymen to become completely ruptured or torn during sex. However, less than 50% of women bleed from sex.

Imposed virginity testing violates clauses from The World Medical Association’s International Code of Medical Ethics: “A Physician shall be dedicated to providing competent medical service in full professional and moral independence, with compassion and respect for human dignity.”

Virginity Testing is BS.
Dr. Jennifer Gunter

Dr. Jennifer Gunter criticized TI and said, "50% of teens who have been sexually active with a penis have an intact hymen. The hymen also often breaks just with normal sexual activity. It IS NOT a reliable virginity indicator. (never mind the idea of your future male relatives leering at you)"

[3] Dr. Jennifer Gunter

Virginity Testing is BS.
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  • sejla

    I think that her doctor could be in some big trouble over this. Yes a doctor can discuss things with a parent of the minor ok's it but I don't think this thing is part of the deal. I've heard of men from the Middle East asking for this test before a marriage. There is a whole business of providing medical surgery to revirgin women so they can get married.

    Yeah the double standard if he sings about certain stuff in his music would be irritating.

  • Wharvey98

    Ah yes, the cheating father is paranoid about his daughters potential sex life. Seems like someone’s projecting.

  • aicarg

    I know! I heard about it from friends at work as well as read about it all over on GAG as well.
    She may be his daughter, she is her own person and is not his property. It's highly invasive and as you've mentioned goes against ethical rights, and come to say, a female can rupture her hymen in many diffrent ways than just sexual intercourse which you've also stated.

    I really don't know what's more disturbing, TI thinking he's some entitled rapper aristocrat who's allowed to think in such a way, or TI a father who just has no trust and boundaries with his daughter 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Kind of disturbing that it's mostly females outraged by this. And while he's over here concerned with his daughter's sexual proclivities, he's out there cheating on his wife, regularly.


    • Wharvey98

      Yeah it’s kinda disturbing to me as well, I really don’t understand how people are ok with this. This is clearly not a healthy relationship, no healthy father daughter relationship includes virginity testing. I mean seriously I thought we left that kind of shit behind in the 1600s.

    • aicarg

      @1truekhaleesi @Wharvey98 I really don't think the ones that downvoted my views are capable of putting themselves in the shoes of young ladies like Deyjah. I don't mind them as I wouldn't care to associate myself with guys that feel have these oppressing views.

  • luvstoned4him

    I dont like how he aired his daughters business on social media

  • Some_Goof

    This whole thing seems so idiotic and still there are people defending it and think there's nothing wrong with it lol. As you said, that's not how hymen or vagina works... Smh

  • FlutteringFeelings

    For a guy who lived his life and ruined multiple women lives is walking around with this mentality and preventing his daughter from living her life. He should know a woman is no longer a Virgin once she lays with a male and he inserts his penis into her. A test can tell whether a female is sexually active or not but he took this whole thing to the next level, especially as her Father.

  • Her hymen could be broken by something other sex, I'm not sure can your hymen break from fingering?

    • Yes.

    • I broke my hymen when i was 15 because i was fingering myself with a toothbrush trying mimic porn lol I didn’t even have a period yet so I thought that’s what had happened. Now I’m 20 and I realized I broke my Hymen lol so i guess i took my own virginity

    • @LoneWolf18 Thats must of hurt like crazy.

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  • themaker39

    Women will always be against virginity testing lol, they will want to remove the hymen at birth so men can't ask for it.

  • Alpha09

    How would you feel about a father in his 18 year olds sons sexual life?

    • Equally disgusted. Still abusive regardless of gender. No parent owns their child.

    • Alpha09

      Shoot I actually meant to put this on another commenters post. He thinks T. I. has the right to do it.

    • I saw that. I blocked one of them. I think I heard somewhere that his son has sexually active since he was 14. It disgusts me that its mostly women that are disgusted by this.

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  • Mädchen

    So He doesn't even allow her to masturbate. As If He didn't wank it as soon as He what Masturbation was

  • Robertcw

    I find tjis hard to believe. Sure if something besides a penis goes inside then it can break.

    But something has got to go inside to break it. And that’s the point. That guy obviously doesn’t want anything going anywhere near that thing.

    Basically he’s locking it down, penis or not.

  • DWornock

    So what! It's his right and just because you disagree, doesn't give you the right to take away his rights.

    • I don't have the energy to argue with you. Just don't reproduce please.

    • DWornock

      You have the right to ask. Therefore, I will consider your request for what in my opinion is the length of time it deserves.

  • DiegoO

    The amount of ignorance related to virginity amaze me. SEX IS NOT ONLY VAGINAL SEX, there is oral and anal sex, that's why condoms packages have 3 condoms (one for each type of sex).

    That rapper lost his time, a lot of time.

    • sejla

      yes that is true and sometimes it might lead to more risky behavior in the long run. If your child whether a minor or a young adult can't have open discussions with a parent when they need to it can have real consequences for their child when they really need help and understanding.

    • DiegoO

      @sejla Yeah, parents should know to respond to their child's questions. It can be related to sex or any other question.

      A parent who only knows to say "I don't know" or who keep quiet, will have a son/daughter that will look for answers anywhere else, less at home.

    • sejla

      My child a good person but there were times she told me stuff that made my head want to explode. But she has my guilt so I would ask her 3 times something and then she'd tell me.

      My mom was pretty conservative. but she talked to us about sex ed stuff. She had been a public health nurse in the 50s and she had to track people down to get treated for STDs when they ended up on a list of partner's of one of their patients at the health department. She told me she ended up in some pretty strange places.

  • Waffles731

    Oh, so that's why I keep hearing TI referenced lately.

    That's just fucked up

  • Aiko_E_Lara

    And why did her daughter did it anyways when she has the rights to refuse? Obviously it's because it doesn't bother her at all and she wanna prove it.

    • Because he pressured her into it. She was liking posts of people saying this is abusive, controlling behavior.

    • Excuses. It's just like when someone is stupid enough to buy a 100$ watch from a scammer that only costs 20$ in the market. So I wouldn't blame him. Is there any evidence to back up your claim that she is really pressured? Because she can easily just say that he did pressure even tho she just regret it for volunteering.

    • And if it's really easy for you to accuse him of being abusive or manipulative for that then I can easlly accuse her of being a slut which is the reason why he favored her and she did it.

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  • MoscowMitch

    I mean obviously. You'd have to be a certifiable moron to think otherwise.

    • You'd be surprised how many people are okay with this or thinks its a legitimate practice

  • Exorcist_Rampage

    If he sings things in opposition to his views he wants held, then he deserves disrespect, or at least no respect.

  • He's a man and knows how men are... a lot of times when men have lived like him ( multiple women, sex , drugs) karma hits your child. Especially when a man has a daughter. All the women he may have done dirt to.

  • lonewolf18

    I broke my hymen when i was 15 because i was fingering myself with a toothbrush trying mimic porn lol I didn’t even have a period yet so I thought that’s what had happened. Now I’m 20 and I realized I broke my Hymen lol so i guess i took my own virginity

  • That’s what shitty fatherhood looks like.

    • Found out she’s 18? Guys, seriously this is just gross. She’s an adult. She can do as she pleases and needs NO permission from the likes of him. JfC.

    • So many people are defending him and it's disgusting.

    • I know. There’s no excuse for it. She’s an adult.

  • Hunter7754

    TI is a shitty dad and also a fucking moron. The hyman can break without actually having intercourse.

  • tartaarsaus

    True. Virginity testing is indeed bullshit. And TI is a shit dad

  • DanOh2018

    Yeah this guy is a brute for subjecting her to this and also an idiot in general.

  • heytakeiteasy

    This comes off as class ten creepy. Although my dad has strict views on sexual purity, he would’ve never done something like this

  • Buckzor

    Who really cares?

    • You apparently because you commented. Mostly the girls being violated after being pressured to do a virginity test because they're surrounded by ignorant people.

    • Buckzor

      I really don’t, I don’t see how this specific example is what you needed to spend however much time trying to explain a point.

      Whatever rocks your boat though, I guess.

      I don’t think women should be tested for virginity, I think virginity is a dumb thing to even have as a physical test or social construct period.

    • I spent about ten minutes because I passed my high school proficiency typing test.

      Virginity testing is well known around the world and is popular in some religious communities. And I am quite certain that many other males are as equally ignorant as TI is.

  • stevep178

    What will he do if it says that she's not?

  • Eleni94

    Making sex taboo got interested then making no big deal.

    • Wait. what?

    • Eleni94

      People who make sex taboo made me wonder more.

    • Not more than an abusive father? Huh. Strange. You don't have to like it. Oh no people are talking about sex! The horror! Are you grabbing your pearls? Sex is a normal human activity. If you don't like sex, just don't have it. There problem solved.

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  • R_Cakes91

    Helicopter parent X creepy

  • JessicaHarte

    Only if she's a slut

    • More ignorance. Also someone's sexual life is none of your business.

    • Bla bla bla khaleesi, if you fucked that guy in the early episodes it's gone forever, sorry to break it to you. Can't call people ignorant for having values you don't agree with.

    • @themaker39 Again, what the fuck.

  • Jesse0

    Ask yourself, why doesn't TI trust her daughter?

    • Jesse0


    • Because he's a misogynistic and ignorant person who regularly cheats on his wife?

  • Yeah, it's certainly creepy/weird.

  • Sha84

    this is false news to gain TI popularity only

    • Oh please explain to me how having an abusive, controlling relationship with his daughter would gain him more popularity.

    • Sha84

      by getting his pictures in international news of course will increase focus on him. any news is better than no news

    • Sha84

      many people consider it to be a good parenting effort

  • hellakitty

    This is some Saudi Arabian type shit

  • Ücool

    Hoeing is a slippery slope

    • Ücool

      TI's daughters sexual life isn't his business?

    • Ücool

      I mean, legally speaking he kinda does. She only just turned 18 this year and is more than likely still his dependant

    • Ücool

      I did read it ya goof. Clearly I triggered you

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  • Fuentes

    TI became weird after he became a industry dude

  • steve99

    Is he a virgin?