The Misery of Adult Acne

The Misery of Adult Acne

When you are a teenager and you get acne, it's certainly a nightmare. But when your acne hits back when you are a grown up woman, in her thirties for instance, this nightmare is much more disturbing. Only those who have experienced adult acne know the suffering it brings about. These are examples of situations you probably find yourself in:

1. You feel pain. The pimples could be really painful that you need to ice them down. The pain is also psychological.

2.You completely distrust dermatologists, and you find yourself getting crazy over finding the possible cause of your acne. All they do is prescribe typical creams that you have tried so many times before and antibiotics, which destroy your gut bacteria. Only a minority of doctors try to dig for the root cause of your acne.

3. You spend a lot of money buying various face washes and creams that may or may not work. You continuously swing between hopefulness and hopelessness.

4. If you work you wish you could be invisible when you breakout, especially if your job requires face-to-face interaction with a lot of people.

5. It takes you a lot of time to get ready in the morning. It's not because you can't decide what to wear; it is, rather, because that pimple or those pimples refuse to be properly covered by foundation.

6. If you are single, you avoid men. You are 100% sure all they can see us that giant spot on your chin, though you know it's not true. It's a constant war between what is logical and what is illogical.

7. You are always anxious that you will break out again, and you do mostly.

8.You feel it's unfair that you eat healthy most of the time and you break out, and other women eat trash and don't get even one pimple.

As a natural outcome of all the suffering caused by adult acne, you feel miserable.

The Misery of Adult Acne
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  • Jason24601
    Dont quite know the age range for it to be considered as adult acne but If you haven't you can always try Roaccutane, ended up getting relatively bad Acne at 21 with the scar Mark's and all, it took me a long time on the medicine but it did work wonders ( doesn't work for everybody though and can be quite uncomfortable)