I'm having a deja vu from High School, why is this?

Alright, allow me to explain.

Basically, I'm now done with college. As of Sunday, May 17th, I will be a college graduate. I have to do Student Teaching next Fall (which is an unpaid internship) but other than that, I'm done. I'm still a graduate, but I need to get my teaching licensure, as a High School English teacher.

So, attended my very last class today, which was a two hour block of presentations for one of my Education classes. That was my final "exam" lol. So, here is the picture: I just finished all of my classes, entirely. I will most likely be finishing off this semester with straight "A"s, but I'm 100% sure I will be graduating on the Dean's List, which will give me an additional scholarship for extra bank money, because of my good grades. I'm in good health, a job I love, have a close family and I HATED college, so I should be soooo happy, right? Wrong. For some reason, I'm now very depressed and I don't even know why.

Here is where the deja vu comes in: Back in High School, in my Senior year of high school, after all of my classes were done with, I was depressed around graduation time (and afterwards.) I had graduated with a 3.4GPA, good grades, I was about to start college, I still had a close family and I was in good health, a job I loved, and I HATED High School, so I should have been sooooo happy, right? Wrong. For some reason, I was very depressed and I had no idea why.

I can't figure this out. If I'm leaving something that stresses me out and usually makes me unhappy, why am I depressed to leave it? It's like I hate leaving something I hate. Can anyone figure this out or am I losing my mind?
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@LoveDemBabes At least you answered the question. I really did hate school and that's why I was wondering but thanks anyway.
I'm having a deja vu from High School, why is this?
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