Should Obama be impeached?

Impeachment can only happen when a political figure has broken the law, there is much buzz around Obama's health care bill getting passed was unconstitutional and as Americans we all know that the constitution is what everything answers to.

Under the tenth amendment the states are not required to follow any non-constitutional legislation passed by the federal government and I've heard rumor that a number of states have announced they will use this to their advantage. The tenth amendment in my interpretation says the buck stops with the people, if a local community chooses not to follow a state or federal law, they are not required to (considering the proper procedure is followed) unless it is protected by the constitution.

I see two aspects of the law that could be considered unconstitutional, the first is the fact that it requires the people to buy something out of their own pocket from a private company (which was my main gripe when my oh-so-lovely home state of Massachusetts passed it's own state-run forced health care bill).

The second part is how the bill itself was passed. Reconciliation before now has been used for budget matters only, not for a huge legislation such as this.

This begs the question, if brought to court and ruled to have broken the constitution either by the clause requiring people to purchase something from a private company or by his method of getting it passed (or both), should Obama be impeached? And what about the senators who voted yes?

For the record I consider myself an independent, I am by no means either liberal or conservative as my political views come from both sides (A good example is I hate big government, but I also hate big corporation).
Yes, he should be impeached.
No, he should not be impeached.
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Ok people, please read the question very carefully (especially the 5th paragraph). I'm asking if the proper procedure is followed should he be impeached, I'm not asking anything about Bush or Iraq or the federal debt or the economy or any of that.
Should Obama be impeached?
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