Why is it so bad being a big girl?

My best friend and I have been friends since Middle School and back then she weighed 245 pounds or more.

We're in our Junior year of High School now and with her determenation and the help of people who care for her she has lost weight.

My friend now weighs 183 pounds and she is still loosing, yet there is a problem.

Guys are now continously asking her out and to be honest it's depressing her.

The reason that she is depressed by something that would make almost any girl happy is the fact that she is realizing how shallow guys around her are.

And I perfectly agree with her and see it to. The guys who once rejected her because of her weight now want to be with her after she lost it.

I think it's a loud of bull, since she was pretty even before she lost weight.

I never knew what it was like for her since I have never been big, but now that I am seeing things through her eyes I feel angry.

What is wrong with being a big girl?

Why do guys/girls find it unappealing?

My friend is loosing weight and it makes me happy that she worked so hard to get where she is now.

Yet seeing her sad because of some guys who couldn't except her for who she was before is making me sad also.

I'm at least happy that she rejected those jerks and I hope she finds a guy who likes her for her.

But in the end what do you think about dating a bigger girl?

Or what is your expierence when dating a bigger girl?
Why is it so bad being a big girl?
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