What do guys think of skinny girls?

I noticed these days, most people aren’t skinny/thin whatever you want to call it. So, I’m wondering, what do you think of a skinny/thin girl when you see one? Does she look anorexic? Is she attractive? I’m asking because I’m thin. I’m 5’7” and weigh 120 lbs. now, I do eat... just not enough. The thing is I hate eating. I love food but I hate interrupting my day with eating and I only eat when I have to. So, I’m trying to break this bad habit because I can lose weight and not even know it until my belt loop is a notch smaller. I’m pretty active and have a ton of energy. I’m a hard worker which is why my arms are buff and I have a toned body, but I don’t work out. I gain muscle extremely easily and have had to really focus on lowering my metabolism for the past year which has helped me not lose so much weight as quickly. I’m just tired of people commenting on my weight. I have a lot of friends but they are all thick. Plus, if you could give me any ideas on how to gain weight I would appreciate it. I don’t want to mix and drink protein shakes everyday. In fact, I feel like the extra protein will just make me gain more muscle.
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I’m also feeling a little self conscious these days due to the fact my ex boyfriend skinny shamed me. I didn’t have a problem with my weight until I got with him and he said my body was too hard and that men like soft bodies on women. I can’t help my genetics. And yes, I’m blaming my genetics.
What do guys think of skinny girls?
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