Is a size 7 pant size considered big?

I'm someone that was always small, throughout school I was accused of being anorexic just for how thin I was (trust me, I've never been.) About a year ago I started Depo and the weight gain is real. I'm it used to gaining weight and in the past year I went from 95 pounds to 140 pounds Honestly most of it has gone right to my boobs and thighs, went from a B cup to a DDD, and then I went from wearing a size 1 pant to now a size 7. Is this too big? I've considered dieting but I flip flop on how I look a lot. Some days I think I'm fine, then some days I look at my things and just think "ew they're so big" Is a size 7 pant too big? Should I get on a diet or start working out to make the size go down?
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Is a size 7 pant size considered big?
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