If you don't use toilet paper how do you actually wipe?

A lot of people on here say they don't use toilet paper and prefer to clean with water, either poured on or from a water jet. That's fair enough but I don't under how you can remove faecal matter without some physical contact as well. If I get faeces on my hands ( and as a farmer I regularly do) I can't just pour water on, I need to physically rub to remove it. Surely the same applies to your bottom, simply pouring water on isn't going to shift it. And how do you check if it's all gone? I can wipe until there's nothing on the toilet paper, even poke about the sphincter to really get clean. You can't do that just by sprinkling water on it. I know a lot of guys have hairy holes, surely they need more than a scoot of water.
And how do you dry off afterwards if you don't use paper?
If you dont use toilet paper how do you actually wipe?
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YES I get it you also shower. But surely you don't shower straight after every shit. That's not practical. True a good blast of a shower spray will clean you but i doubt a bidet has enough pressure to remove faecal matter without you actually rubbing it also. I don't want to wet my ass and wipe the shit off with my bare hands.
If you don't use toilet paper how do you actually wipe?
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