How can I gain height naturally at 27 with inversion table and yoga?

Hi guys, I have been struggling over my height for 11 years now and I've ruled out limb lengthening surgery. So I'm just trying to find a way to gain height naturally.

My current evening height is 167.5CM/5'6". Used to be 167CM/5'5.75" before I started the excercises. While my tallest height in the morning (the last time I measured) was 168.5CM/5'6.25".

So I mostly just aim to straighten my spine and elongate it to its maximum length, fixing my hyperlordosis/APT and mild scoliosis. I recently also read about the idea of loosening pelvic, hip, hamstring muscles which also affect height.

So now I know that if we thicken the discs, we'll gain the height, but the question is how?

Sky's Lumbar Routine (an old height increasing routine I stumbled upon) suggests inverted sit-ups as opposed to stationary inversion which I do all eventhough I am not totally convinced, but that would be a different topic.

About 5 years ago, my friend's father who has passed away now suggested me to do Forward Bend/Paschimottanasana to increase height. I didn't take him seriously at the time. But by this time, I am desperate enough that I am willing to do anything.

After I read some successful height gain stories in this sub, I actually feel pretty confident that there might be some hidden height in my body that can be exposed.

And it quite makes sense if I think about it, the muscles around my lower back, hips, pelvic and harmstring areas are so tight and compressed. If I get them loosened, it would be like pulling a rubber. The rubber will be stretched and doesn't get shrink back to its original form/size.

Could this Paschimottanasana pose also possibly stretch the spinal disks in the lumbar area?

The muscles have actually become restricted and shortened over time so a quick ‘tilt’ won’t show the real increase in height possible from fixing apt

Here's a pic of my current posture.
Its my relaxed position.
It's my relaxed position.
Anyway, please let me know what you think, it'd be great to hear from you!
How can I gain height naturally at 27 with inversion table and yoga?
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