Is 130lbs (59kg) for a 5'2" (158cm) tall woman a good weight?

I have a medium somewhat curvy build. My body fat is around 22 or 23%. My measurements are 36.5 bust, 25-26 inch waist and 36.5 hips (93/65-66/93 in centimetres).

The problem is that I feel fat no matter what. I've lost a decent amount of weight 8 kg (that's around 17-18lbs) and I'm wondering whether that is enough of if I should try and lose more. I don't think I'll ever feel confident about my body no matter how much I change though.

What always brings this problem up is when I see other girls especially taken girls. I am single and I've always thought my looks, especially my weight is the problem. Every girl who had a boyfriend on her arm that I saw today (I was out shopping and getting a covid vaccine) are skinny, so I believe there is a connection.
It's a good weight, try to keep it
You should lose more weight (how much?)
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Is 130lbs (59kg) for a 5'2" (158cm) tall woman a good weight?
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