Embracing your size?

So I'm 9 and a half stone and I'm 5 foot 3, my BMI is average is just inside the average range and I have DDD cups. Yet, In the modern day society I'd still be perceived as ''chubby''. (I've been told this by a few people, not that I really care) lol

To me I think this is a compliment. I'm happy with my body and I will embrace my ''chubbiness''. Lots of people would say to you that you should be in the average weight range so you are healthier and live a longer life. I am happy with my size because I am in the ''average'' or ''healthy'' range, but the people who are overweight/underweight are told to gain/lose weight.

Should our weight really be that important. if we are happy? should we not embrace our sizes, whether that be large or small? Life is about living and not nit picking at the size of your body! I'd rather live a short and at peace life than a long life filled with depression and sadness.

What are your views on the matter? Are you on the large/small side and wish to change or do you care? I know other people will have different opinions to my own and I respect those and would like to hear them.
Embracing your size?
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