Can Myopia Completely Relieve With Eye Exercises?


I was using contact lenses for a long time. But after I had keratitis, I had to leave the lens. In June last year, I almost lost my eye because of the bacteria that got into my eye due to the lens, but I saved my eye because I went to the hospital before it was too late. My left eye, which has keratitis, is very healthy now, but unfortunately I cannot get rid of myopia easily. I think laser surgeries can also be risky. Laser surgeries look scary. People who have had laser surgery talk about laser being a really easy surgery, but I'm not sure about it. And I don't know the bad side effects the laser can create. I went to the ophthalmologist two days ago and the doctor said that I can have a laser and laser surgery is suitable for both my eyes. I wear glasses right now, but I don't really feel comfortable wearing glasses. Wearing lenses gave me a lot of freedom. I could easily see the world in all its details without seeing the world behind the frames. But if I use contact lenses again, I will really lose my eye this time because there were times when I was very tired and when I used contact lenses, sometimes I was too tired to take my lenses out of my eyes. Because I neglected to change the lens water for only a few days, the bacteria called pseudomanas had entered my eye and this bacteria was a bacteria that could eat my eye. But thankfully, that bacteria was gone from my eye and my eye returned to its healthy state. But even the wind hitting my eyes when I wear lenses would give me pleasure, but glasses are like a barrier between me and the world. When I take off the glasses, nothing shows up, that's awful. I don't want to feel like I need glasses to live. I did eye exercises for 7 months, but my eyes degrees did not decrease. However, it is said that the exercises in the link can lower the eye degree. Do you think this is true? Maybe, thanks to these exercises, at least my eyes degrees didn't increase any more.

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If these methods don't work, I may have laser surgery.😔
Can Myopia Completely Relieve With Eye Exercises?
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