What’s something you have accomplished lately?


I am fully weight bearing, meaning I can walk without any aid! Doctor today told me I no longer need to visit for at least 3 months. After which, I’ll just see how well my leg is healing…

So far, it’s healing great. It’s a long process but the hardest part is over. I can go back to normal life.

He just said “Just be slow and careful for the next 3 months, make sure you don’t do something risky to break it again.”

Well, I’ll be a good girl and won’t do anything risky for those 3 months but I am so happy, really!

I feel like I have had a great, challenging journey and after 3 months since the break, I can walk!

Who could imagine I would be happy over such a little thing?

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Such a pity I bought a cane, I wanted to use it so that I would have an experiment whether I can make it trendy to have cane.

I wanted to prove myself it’s a person who causes a respect in people, not her ability or disability.

But no longer, I need to use no crutches nor cane. I am me again!
What’s something you have accomplished lately?
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