Acne... anyone who's had it bad.

I had really bad face acne. Like, the cystic kind, not so much on the surface. I had tried everything and I still was scarring and it got terrible.

I'm currently on Accutane. which is a total life saver. I've been on a month and I'm almost completely clear, and my scarring is almost gone. Yeah, it's kind of a pain in the butt, because you have to do blood tests and pregnancy tests monthly, but its worth it.

And I know it has crazy side effects, etc. But I'm prescribed and being safe. I don't want opinions on whether I should be on it or not.

Anyways, has anyone else been on this or something similar? And how much did your skin flare right after you got off of it? Because that's what I'm worrying about..
Acne... anyone who's had it bad.
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