7 Romantic Places In Europe for Traveler Couples to Pop the Question

Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Rome or Venice... Yes, these are the cities everyone remembers when you say "romantic", "proposal", "dreamy", but there are some other and original places for traveler couples. So after traveling quite a bit around Europe, I found a few of those magical places that are the most romantic to pop the question.

Well you are welcome to share your places in the comments if you don't agree!

7. Trolltunga, Norway

The couple that sweats together stays together. So you can hike up there for half a day and while your eyes are watching Norway's majestic fjords, you can pop the question with your sweaty face.

6. Maiden's Tower, Istanbul, Turkey

You can pop the question on this lighthouse-island on Bosphorus if you want to be both in Europe and Asia at the same time and to indulge yourself with a classy dinner to taste amazing Turkish cuisine!

5. Hallstatt, Austria

Anywhere in this little gorgeous mountain town near Salzburg. It is best in summer, in winter, in autumn, in spring.. God it is always lovely!

4. Kromlau, Germany

Rakotzbruecke will make you experience your proposal and its reflection. You can consider your reflection as it is a parallel universe and in that universe, you are with your beloved as well.

3. Najac, France

This town has an awesome castle if your lover is fond of castles!

2. The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Anywhere in this island country is so pretty. For nature-lovers, it is romantic to pop the question under Aurora Borealis, aka Northern Lights. Anytime between September to March gives you an opportunity to see them.

But I will limit the location to the Blue Lagoon. If you want privacy, it might not be so with tons of other tourists, and some may even think this is a tourist trap place. But it is not! It is steamy, hot, and fun... Perfect time to pop that stressful question!

1. Anywhere in Lisbon, Portugal

Sometimes I feel sad that Lisbon is not as famous as the other capitals in Europe. It is definitely a one true diamond to discover. And Portuguese people and cuisine are perfect.

Some other noteworthy places:

Thun, Switzerland

Annecy, France

Portofino, Italy

Cappadocia, Turkey

Colmar, France

Bergen, Norway

Vilnius, Lithuania

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

Brugge, Belgium

Plitvice, Croatia


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  • Okay, that's it. I HAVE to get to Europe at some point in my life.


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  • Lovely list of places, now I've got itchy feet and wanna go!

  • Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, sound good