Men who accidentally married sluts can you relate with his story?

When i say "accidentally" of course i mean been manipulated by her into marriage and her "forgeting" her past etc. I can relate so much its scary. Do you feel you are being loved by these women? I'm just an utility for them. She has no love for me. Not a molecule of it. She uses sex only to get things from me and manipulate, she had so much of it as i recetly found out that it isn't even something romantic for her. Just an art of manipulation, distraction and occasional animalistic instincts (although i believe she has gone past that point as well). She cares not at all for me, and could send me to Alaska to bring her an extra buck - while doing a God knows what behind my back- and makes sure to shame me for not ever "providing enough" to her and her dreamt "dolce vita".

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his story is pretty much in the first 4-5 minutes


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  • Why did you marry her in the first place? Did you just think she would change after you married her?

    • i had no idea who she was. her past was all vague and blurry in her mind. or so she made it seem.

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    • well i have a kid with her. if i try to leave she'll destroy me in the courts which are always in the favor of women, take my kid, take my money, leave me broken and pennyless, and she knows it. she has calculated everything nice and smoothly.

    • Wow you're fucked man!

  • Oh good girls Ok to marry divorced man but not with single dad. Divorce her teach her not to manipulate again. God is here he will never let those girls stand happy with their lies you will know soon or later

    • if God existed women wouldn't be like that... .

    • God give them the freedom to mistake :) If everybody forced to be good then that's will be called heaven not life

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  • is there a much shorter version than watching the 14:21 minute video?