Having an affair with a married man.

I'm married too... Not ideal I know. But I'm not here to be judged I'm here to try and understand how the male mind works . After 27 years of life I still don't understand you men! Lol

well... As I said, I'm having an affair with someone I work with. Happened out of the blue, it wasn't planned. It really did just happen ( cliche I know)

anyhoo, at work we just say hi and chat about work like we always did. Fine by me.

We see each other maybe every 1-2 weeks outside of work which again- fine by me.

The thing that I'm having trouble with is the zero contact we have between meets. I mean texts, I'm not allowed to text until he does first- we can go days without one. Then a quick missing you, are you free Saturday. His reasoning for this is his wife sometimes has his phone, I totally get that. But surely there must be opportunity to send a quick message? He's done it before and at the beginning I heard from him most days.

We've spoken and he said it's because the coast isn't clear. But I think there has to be time when he's alone?

My female friends think he's just not a 'texter' and uses texting as a tool to arrange things rather than a risky way of communicating with his lover.

When we're together it's fab. He tells me what he truly feels,we chat loads and he's pretty amazing ( it's not just sex) he's spike about us being a 'real couple' and told me that he loves me.

Still- without the communication in between I feel anxious and worried that this his just his technique ( he's in an arranged marriage and has been unfaithful before, one night stands though )

I guess what I'm asking is- WTF is going on, but from a male view point?

Emily x
Having an affair with a married man.
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