Is this man hinting at having an affair?

An older, married man I work with has been awfully nice to me as of lately.
He goes out of his way to help me, touches and hugs me whenever he can, tells me jokes, asks if I have a boyfriend, makes sure we are alone when we talk, tells me personal stuff, brags a lot, apparently tries to look younger around me, copies my humour, teases me, observes my behaviour and comments on it and calls my name often when we talk. He even gets nervous, he suddenly fidgets around and ponders over what he had intended to say just now. He called me cute and charming. And he grooms his hair when I look away.
And when I say he touches me often, he not only does that, but always invades my personal space when we talk. It doesn't have a perverted vibe, but it is noticeable to me and does seem to have a more interested undertone and in most cases, I take a tiny step back.
The first time we hugged he pulled me into it gently. He often stares at me and once, when I smiled back at him, he quickly looked away and smirked. He checks me out. And he tells me that he will help me as many times as I need it. His hand "accidently" touches mine whenever possible.

I don't want to make a fool out of myself by asking this, but I am just so unsure: I don't want to believe it, but is he hinting at something like an affair? I'm still trying to figure out whether he's like this to all girls. If so, this is only flirting for fun and that's fine with me.
But if it is serious, I have to know in order not to send the wrong message of being reciprocrative.

I simply don't want to get myself into shit trouble and would like to hear your opinions on this!
Maybe he just sees me as a nice little girl and I am worrying too much, but it has caught my attention for long enough now.
Is this man hinting at having an affair?
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