10 things to do for your husband every year?

I just stumbled upon this and found it really sweet. I would love it if my husband did this for me (the only one I don't get is being relieved from Mom Duties, since I don't have kids. I don't think I'd want a whole week off, but a day off once in a while definitely).

10 things to do for your husband every year?Anyway, it made me wonder what are 10 things I could do for my husband to show my love and appreciation! So, what are some ideas?


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  • 1. Give him the Quadriple S treatment - Scotch, steak, silence and sex.
    2. Let him do that thing that he always wanted to do to you in bed.
    3. Rape him
    4. Listen to him and his problems in it's entirety WITHOUT giving him your opinions and advice.
    5. Say something really nice about him to his friends/your girlfriends.
    6. Give him a head to toe massage without expecting anything and without taking the opportunity to talk to him about your problems.
    7. Get dressed up (Lingerie, nurse uniform) and BE a good date.
    8. Make a big deal about his penis.
    9. Make sure there's always food in the fridge.
    10. Tell him you love his mother.

    • Yay, I already do numbers 4, 5, 9, and 10! I've dressed in lingerie a few times but have no idea what you mean by "be a good date" lol. Nor do I know the meaning of making a big deal about his penis. ;P And I'm assuming by "rape him," you just mean take control in the bedroom but still have him be fully consenting?

    • Hahaha... yes... consensual rape of course.

  • the only things I can think of are sexual, and it would actually be terrible if I only got them once a year...

    • Yeah I'd definitely want a full body massage more than once a year! Lol

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