Why do mediocre or below average men act like they have many options?

So i find a lot of these losers on OLD. one mediocre skinny guy even asked me out in real life then said he didn't feel the "spark." i know most of them on online dating apps just want to hookup and aren't looking for anything serious and are desperate to jump on the first woman that accepts their advances on the first date. but here's the thing: most of the guys on these apps are mediocre af or some even below average. If not mediocre, they are fat, balding, or have a horrible fashion sense. These aren't six pack men with a chiseled jaw and a six-figure salary. But they act like they are God's gift to the world and act super entitled, rude, and narcissistic.

Had one obese balding mother fucker with a 20-foot-long beard that called me ugly after I rejected him. And after 1 date with these mediocre scrawny short ass poor losers, they tell me they don't feel the "spark." Most of them tell me they don't feel the spark. Probably because i didn't jump on their neck and drop my panties after talking to them for 20 minutes. everywhere i look, i see a lot of the women looking put together, thin, pretty faces with model like bodies and their husbands or boyfriends are some fat ass balding old geezers. the fuck? what gives?

it seems like every 6/10 skinny loser with 0 muscle mass on dating apps thinks he deserves a barbie princess ballerina when he himself looks like a goddamn ogre that hasn't showered in a month. they judge you if you are 5 lbs fatter than they'd like you to be while they themselves being morbidly obese or scrawny skinny short dumb losers working minimum wage jobs. it makes me so mad when these losers act like they're a prize and then tell me they didn't "feel a spark" with me. like motherfucker, i am light years out of your league. you should be licking the crap off my shoes for even looking in your direction. hell at least hot men have a reason to be assholes, but mediocre or below average losers? what reason do they have to play hard to get?

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the quality of men these days is quickly declining and most of them have turned into frogs rather than princes. they want a free hooker instead of a life partner, have atrocious personalities to match their atrocious looks.

****sorry to the few decent men out there. I would like to remain hopeful that I will eventually find a good, decent guy who is somewhat intelligent and treats me well. just the assholes I've had the pleasure of interacting with over the past few years has really annoyed me
Why do mediocre or below average men act like they have many options?
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