Why does he secretly watch me?

There's someone at Wk that I became quiet fond of when I realized he was married I backed off not to give the wrong message, it was a bit too late because when I found out his marriage he already knew I liked him. No I am still friendly with him but just keep it work related. The issue is that sometimes I don't know he is around, and on the odd chance I see him he's starring at me and when he has realized that I have picked up on the fact that he may have been watching me for the last 30mins plus he makes a sharp exit, why the strange behavior?


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  • He has a crush on you and is living out the fantasy in his head that he could have you if he wanted.

    • Thanx for the answer...but if he married why would he crush on me? I think at times he could be thinking something sexual however I could be wrong!!

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    • Appreciate your response! How do I get him to admit wot is going on his mind?

    • Um... you won't get him to admit it unless he actually wants to be unfaithful and you flat out offer to sleep with him if he admits it.

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