What would you want for Christmas from your secret lover?

This special Lady in my life has been my best friend for three years. we live 2h away, so there is some distance, though we have only seen each other twice over the 3 years once when we met and once when she was single.but we talk on the phone at least once or twice a week... she does have a boyfriend. and I always hear how unhappy she is with him. but every time we talk on the phone We laugh, smile, make sexual jokes, we talk about our life's problems that we both face, we ask serious questions towards one another, usually fantasize how we would be together, how romantic and happy we would be, how special I would treat her,and she know because I have shown her, to all the way if we got married and ran away.

(keep all the She's using you comments to your self please)-not the case..and I'm not blind.

So today we were talking about how I want to get a puppy for Christmas as a present to my self.. because patiently I have been waiting her. and she did ask when we don't talk for a long time do I loose interest or feel differently towards her.. I said a honest yes. I told her sometimes I think I'm wasting my time and I put my self out there again and only to discover that girls want to fall in love with me Quickly and the relationship burns out quick. because they don't want to be friends first or I find something I don't like and wrong.. and that's not what I want. and I told her I wanted a friend ship like what we have going on..

after that being said I had asked her what she would like for Christmas... I just started a new Job with Microsoft and in December ill have more money than I know what to do with.. And I want to get her a very nice gift.. because she has been there for me...

Shes not rich nor am I. but I had asked her if she would like a Coach Purse she said she would be happy with anything I give her no matter how much I spend it could be 5 bucks at Walmart and she still cherish it. but I know she will feel spoiled if I got the coach purse and that's What I Want...What do you think?.
What would you want for Christmas from your secret lover?
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