Are American women more difficult?

As a foreigner that spent a good deal of time in the U.S. I found that European White women friendlier and less attitude , its almost had not to like them. They don’t play mind game, make you wait to try to make you want them more. You just feel everything from them is more genuine and lack of fakeness. They also know how to flirt and talk and be fun.

But I found American White women to be completely different from this just from many casual encounter with them. Now I’m familiar with the stereotype that American women are just more difficult.

There this American White girl that acted like she was interested on first encounter and we talked a bit and she been always staring at me like she likes me or something whenever she saw me. I think she been really into me Because I kinda gave up on her Because it felt like too much hassle to be into her Because it been hard for us to talk. And she reacted by acting sad and all.

Then she tried to show me she was really interested by going out of her way to chat with me. So I was like, “OK, I’ll keep this interest going.” But the lame thing was I arranged to talk privately with her when I need her help on certain things Because it was her job. But she never chit-chatted with me, nothing, just plain conversation like she’s not interested. (This is different from European girls, Because I been with ones that liked me and they knew how to push all the right buttons.) If she had been like, “hey how ya doing, how was your weekend……” If it were things like that, it would’ve been easier for me to ask her out for coffee or something. This kind of chit-chats that European girl been doing with me worked great for them.

I gave her several opportunities to show me some signs she was interested in private, but nothing. Then she still been acting like she wanted me by staring at me whenever she saw me. I don’t know what up with this girl, whether she’s dense or nervous or something? I been considering just giving up on her completely Because this had just been a hassle.

I just have a bad vibe about this. What the hell’s wrong with this girl? Do American girls just expect the guys to do everything even when they are interested? This feels like she could be more demanding than what I’m comfortable with. I mean I been good with European girls, why the hell should I downgrade to something more troublesome? It doesn’t really make sense. Sorry if this sound politically incorrect, but is this a sign of how difficult American women are?

When girls act genuine and friendly and be feminine , guy can’t help but like you? Why the hell do you think European girl are so damn popular with a good rep? Mind games and fakeness and unreasonable attitude would only make the guy hate you, not want you more. I have some small amount of experiences with girls who played mind games and I didn’t like them one bit. But American girls seemed like they haven’t been getting it. What’s up with this?

Are American women more difficult?
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