Feel free to take The “Ideal” Survey?

Please Copy/Paste if possible…
1. Ideally, what city/state or country would you prefer to live in?
2. Ideally, where would you be vacationing had the pandemic not hit?
3. Ideally, would you be married/single?
4. Ideally, how much would you want to make (but please be realistic)?
5. Ideally, what job would you work?
6. Ideally, how many kids would u want?
7. Ideally, what celeb do you wana meet
8. Ideally, what would you have majored in in college?
9. Ideally, if you could be served your fave food at any moment, what’d it be?
10. Ideally, what age would you retire?
11. Ideally, what car would you drive? (Again, please be a tad bit realistic)
12. Ideally, how tall would you be and how much would you weigh?
13. Ideally, what celebrity closet would you want to raid (based on your style)?
14. If you could skip school/work right now, what would you go do instead?
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Ideally, I’d live in NC/GA, vacation in Vegas/FL/AU, be married, make at least $60k+, work as a copy/jinglewriter or in a radio station, have 2-12 kids, meet Brad Pitt/Chris Evans/Tyra Banks, majored in Film/Interior Design, Be served Spaghetti, retire in my 40s, drive a Stinger or BMW M3 coupe, be 5’5 and weigh 120, raid Zendaya and Beyonces closet, and skip work just to lay around.
Feel free to take The “Ideal” Survey?
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