Mind if I ask a rhetorical question in relation to school shootings, and you might respond with your opinions?

Is it ironic that those now representing the state, want to focus attention over mass shootings, on the instruments of violence alone, while not addressing the roots of violence in America? Have you heard of Alice Miller? She was a Polish Jewish psychotherapist who survived the Holocaust and wrote books about the roots of violence among Nazis, later the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who forced Romanian women under punishment, to have children they could not support or love, resulting in a horror of starvation and orphanages that rivaled concentration camps. She wrote a letter to GW Bush when he launched his 'school initiative,' and he did not have the decency to respond. You can read her letter later published openly on Alice Miller's website, though she is now deceased. Had Bush implementad her wisdom, it's possible the more recent shootings might have been averted.

Then another insightful mind on the subject is Hans Magnus Enzenberger, who wrote 'Politics and Crime,' about how states 'justify' murder in the name of ideology or national interests,

which can be no more than the interests of big money [my words].

The famous psychotherapist John Bradshaw also wrote about the roots of violence as 'patriarchal pedagogy,' which stems from the authority of the state, educational institutions themselves, and abused children who become leaders and carry out the pedagogy

so it continues to infect a culture, a country, a nation, and the world.

Another important voice today is that of Jon Michael Turner, the ex-Marine who threw away his phoney medals [as can be viewed on utube] and exposed the murder of the state [the USA in this case], fomented by the same patriarchal pedagogy as was extant

in Nazi Germany and Romania and under Stalin as well, certainly it was the cause of the brutalization of America in that infamous slaughter of three million Vietnamese for the sake of ideology and

prompted by the adult children of abuse.

It is also no accident that those who have had insight into the roots

of violence in culture, have been Jewish people who witnessed or

lived through the time of the Holocaust. If Alice Miller were aalive today, she would be Center Stage talking about the roots of violence in relation to the latest school shootings, as well as the murderous acts of the state as witnessed by Jon Michael Turner.

The gun control debate is really only tertiary to the cause of these

psychopathological behaviors. The real cause lies within those who carry these things out, but more importantly, in the individual

abuse of these as children and in the cultural abuse of all of us at the hands of patriarchal pedagogy.

Well, OK, not your usual 'favorite hip hop artist' question, but in the small chance that someone with a curious mind might be reading,

I submit this inquiry for you to become aware of and consider.


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  • I agree, not necessarily with all the opinions you mentioned but with the overall notion that violence at it's core is not about weapons but about people and institutions.

    But I think to explore that is not something governments want to do for multiple reasons.

    a) the cost of the research could be prohibitive, and even with the research completed you could have multiple points of view as to the accuracy or even relevancy of the results and the research

    b) what you're talking about is really based in political theory and again unfortunately political theory is just that theory and not often seen as legitimate science and even results are always going to be debated for use in governing

    I think most intelligent people will agree that weaponry is not at the core of the issue, but it is part of the issue and one of the easier to address so it becomes the dialogue in the aftermath of these events. Theorists, philsophs, and psychiatrists/psychologist can all posit their opinions and theories and they may be 100% accurate but theory and philosophies usually take decades if not centuries and an overabundance of data/ trial & error before they are recognized in hindsight to be accurate or even legitimate... so for now it is easier to fight concrete issues like guns and mental health policy then theories

    those are my thoughts perhaps I'm wrong. But I do agree with you 100% that the school shootings are not simply about guns, guns are the easiest thing to point a finger at and maybe the easiest part of the issue to address...hopefully our government, education system, and scholars will acknolwedge what you are talking about and try to make the deeper roots of societal violence a part of our national conversation.


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