Do girls regret dumping the nice guy?

Do they? I just want to know because I was dumped 2 years ago by a girl I dated for only a month and before that I was always there for her whenever she needed me and always respected her and treated her like a queen and she pretty much dumped me for no reason and to this day it still hurts me because ever since she dumped me I was still there for her trying to win back her heart and she kept blocking me from her life and kept lying to me telling me she didn't want to be in a relationship.

She stopped texting me like she always did and I was just really confused but she still considers me just a friend and already has a boyfriend and claims that the new guy she is with treats her the same way I treated her but I find that very hard to believe because I know she just likes a**holes but claims she doesn't.

Will she ever regret dumping me and realize that the grass isn't always greener?
Do girls regret dumping the nice guy?
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