Do girls regret dumping the nice guy?

Do they? I just want to know because I was dumped 2 years ago by a girl I dated for only a month and before that I was always there for her whenever she needed me and always respected her and treated her like a queen and she pretty much dumped me for no reason and to this day it still hurts me because ever since she dumped me I was still there for her trying to win back her heart and she kept blocking me from her life and kept lying to me telling me she didn't want to be in a relationship.

She stopped texting me like she always did and I was just really confused but she still considers me just a friend and already has a boyfriend and claims that the new guy she is with treats her the same way I treated her but I find that very hard to believe because I know she just likes a**holes but claims she doesn't.

Will she ever regret dumping me and realize that the grass isn't always greener?


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  • I've regretted dumping my last boyfriend. He was as you say 'the nice guy'. Always happy-go-lucky, hugging, kissing and buying me things but for some reason I thought that at that moment I couldn't like him anymore. There were some added factors like the fact that because he was in the year above he was getting a bit of stick for going out with me. However, when I let him go I wished I'd never done it because it's only now that I realize what I had.

    Saying that, when I look back over it I realize how much more he acted as though he loved me. We were together for about 6 months and then on and off for a few after that but I never told him that I loved him even though I know that I did. I know because every time I meet a guy I compare him to my ex and I can't really see myself with anyone else! :')

    It all depends on what happens after the break-up is what I'm trying to say - but don't hang on it, move on because the grass may not be greener for either of you but it will be different and sometimes change makes us evaluate :)


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  • Sometimes in life.. people just aren't attracted to you. And that's OK. You just have to suck it up and move on.

    I'm about 99.9% sure that she's please with her decision to break up with you.

    It was only a month. And it was TWO YEARS ago, lol. And then you annoyed her after you two broke up with texts and trying to "win back her heart"? That's kinda sad. I'm sure she's glad to be rid of that situation.

    My advice to you is to stop playing the pathetic nice guy card. That's unattractive. Don't wallow in grief and play the victim. Don't take it personally when a girl isn't into you. Those are all things will not make you more attractive to the opposite sex, and make girls want to stay in a relationship with you. Don't be needy.

  • to be honest some of us really dont

  • It depends. Most of the time though I don't regret my decisions. Not because I'm cold. Mostly it's just because I felt I was wanting something different. The only thing I do regret is if I hurt someone. I've hurt many guys and a lot of them were close friends of mine. I just didn't feel the same for them as they felt for me. I always feel awful after, because I don't want to leave someone hurt. It's not that I don't care, because I do. I always hope for them the best and hope they find girls that honestly deserve them. I've had guys tell me they loved me and even cried on the phone to me. They were good guys. I just didn't feel the same way back. It sucks because after I normally lose good friends of mine. I know what it's like to be let down and hurt. I've had it happen to me and I don't like putting someone through the same thing, but you can't force feelings that aren't there.


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  • She likely won't. She may regret hurting you, but ultimately if you were not the one for her, you were not the one. So regret for breaking up, it just depends on who the next guy is and who you become.

    Sometimes despite being a great guy you're just not the right match, at the right time for a particular girl. It's possible that had circumstances been just a little bit different it would have worked out. Maybe she's in a Not ready to settle down type of phase, or you don't have all your shit together yet and she's not willing to wait.

    It's possible that given some time and experience you could end up back in each others circles in the future, but don't count on it. Don't sit around waiting for her to come to her sense. Take all the anger and hurt and use it as fuel to improve yourself.

    Vengeance isn't really a healthy emotion but if you really want to make her regret dropping you, get better, and be better. Don't let the break up break YOU. Hit the gym, study harder, become somebody more than you were. Not just for HER or for any of these girls but FOR YOU!

    When she looks at who you became while she was floundering with the wrong guys, she'll regret breaking up.

    Ultimately though it's just not a healthy goal. Wish her luck and happiness. Hope that she finds the person she was looking for. Move on and find someone who appreciates who YOU ARE.

  • No. Most of the time they have someone else lined up or they have moved on before they break up with you. Nice guys finish last and sensitive guys don't even finish the race. You are going to have to throw away the fairy tales that women told to you about what women want and start doing what works.

    Things that women want crave and desire are things like money, power, fame, security, drama/conflict, potential challenges, surprises. Nice guys don't have all of that. Deep down women want to be with MEN that stand their ground and are in control. Not control the woman, I mean have control of a situation so she will feel safe and secure.

    She considers you just a friend. GAME OVER. You are the shoulder to cry on, the emotional tampon,the gay friend, the guy she laughs about with her friends and tells others guys (like me) how lame you are while laying next to them naked after sex. Lets think about this.

    If nice guys are what women REALLY wanted then every woman would have a nice guy. Don't let them play stupid. Women KNOW where they are, but they are not attracted to them, simple as that. Jerks are exciting, show potential, and display that they are the alpha males in certain situations or in that woman's' habitat and are in control.

    What I mean is if she's into certain things like rock music, she will be attracted to a musician. Didn't say he was rich and he may never be, but he has POTENTIAL in what she is interested in. Women have strong connections with men that thrive on a woman's interests, so being a jerk or an a-hole has a lock on one thing that women crave, drama.

    STOP being "friends" with women because you will get no where. Being a "jerk" and an "a-hole" intrigues women and it shows courage, power, and strength. It's not that she didn't want a relationship, it's that she didn't want one with YOU. Start calling out women on their BS. EVERYONE can be nice if they wanted to.

    Would you be willing to wait years or decades for a woman when everyone else has had her while she is young tight and active in the bedroom?

    NEVER talk to this girl again. It's time for a change.

  • She left you because you acted like that. You were nice, but not strong. Chicks want strong guys. You probably were kinda a little p****. I'm that way, and its why I don't get chicks.

  • The only things women care about are money, being screwed by underwear model pretty boy alpha males, and status.

    She most likely trades you up for something better like some sort of vehicle.

    My advice is make a list of goals to better yourself in health, wealth, and some sort of power. From that list, fill in the gaps like a progress roadmap to it all easier.

    If the ex comes back in life then just treat her coldly and show her how much better you are then whatever loser she just so happens to be fucking at that time, when she cast a line and wants to get back into the relationship or just fuck then just reject her and move on.

    Watch as all the fucking regret from leaving you shows up in her face, this pain of hers will compound later in life when she is old and alone, possibly suicidal but she will know it was own fault.

  • No they don't.


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