Inspiring song lyrics part 2

Best Fake Smile - James Bay

Inspiring song lyrics part 2

No you don’t have to wear your best fake smile,
Don’t have to stand there and burn inside
Oh oh oh if you don’t like it.
And you don’t have to care so don’t pretend
Nobody needs a best fake friend

Innocent - Our Lady Peace

One day
You’ll have to let it go,
One day
You’ll stand up on your own,
Remember losing hope,
Remember feeling low,
Remember all the feelings and the day they stopped.

Sofa - Ed Sheeran

We could fly to Berlin, Tokyo or Jamaica
We can go where you want
Say the word and I’ll take ya
But I’d rather stay on the sofa
On the sofa, with you

11:11 - Arkells

You made a wish at 11:11,
I had your hips at 12:34..
There was a kiss just waiting to happen.

Panic Cord - Gabrielle Aplin

You kept all the things I threw away..
A leaf I picked, a birthday card I made.
Holding on to memories of you and me
We didn’t last a year, oh..
We’re just a box of souvenirs.

Overjoyed - Bastille

Oh I feel overjoyed when you listen to my words,
I see them sinking in..
Oh I see them crawling underneath your skin.

All I Want - Kodaline

All I want is nothing more, to hear you knocking at my door, cause if I could see your face once more.. I could die a happy man, I’m sure

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  • Inspiring Song Lyrics Part 666:


    Your bodies empty now
    As I hold you
    Now your gone I miss you
    But I told you
    I remember bad times
    More than good
    There's no coming back
    Even if we could
    I loved you to death
    If I can't have you
    Than no one will
    And since I won't
    I'll have to kill
    My only love, something
    I've never felt
    Now you've gone to heaven
    And I'll burn in hell
    I loved you to death

    And now I'm down below

    And what do I see
    You didn't go to heaven
    Your down in hell with me
    And now your coming back
    Baby take me please!
    I really think I would
    If you weren't such a sleaze
    I loved you once before
    You kept me on a string
    I'd rather go without
    Than take what you would bring !
    I loved you to death

  • Thank you for posting this! Some of these are new to me and I really needed something different in a good way, just to get through today.

    • good to hear :) thanks for commenting

  • Sorry to be irrelevant, but how are you able to post YouTube to this site?

    • just add a video link

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