Less stress this summer!!

Less stress this summer!!

It’s summer, yeah!! Don’t know about you but when Christmas has became history I started to look forward to the summer. The summer is for many people a time of recharging your batteries. In the summer months we go to the beach, the parc, an amusement parc, the zoo, we go camping, on a citytrip,…. the possible activities are endless. But sometimes we want too much during the summer and instead of having a time of rest and no stress we getting more stressed then before. To have the leasst stressfull summer are following simple things to help you to enjoy the summer more.

1. There’s nothing that you should do this summer. Are therre things you do every summer?? Do you really ahve to do tit this summer too?? Ask yourself by tasks does this really matter??

2. Go slow. Don’t run from one to the other place or activity. It will help you to enjoy the people, the sights and experiences this summer.

3. Just one thing at a time. Multi-tasking leads to stress and w ejust decided to have the least stressfull summer. When you do just one thing at time you these things become more enjoyable.

4. Go sunbathing o rif you don’t like that find a pleasant place in the shadows. Take a nap, read a book, listen some Music or just watch the clouds go by.

5. Don’t make somethign big of small things, life is already full of drama….it’s summer and enjoy it.

6. For some a very difficult one now!! Take a break from the internet, or just use it less. Try to use internet differently, use it more effectively.

7. Pick an unfinished project and finish it. It will make you feel you good that you don’t have to think about it anymore when it’s finished.

8. Meditation everyday for just a short moment can help you to have a less stressfull sumer.

9. Like everything in life the summer won’t stay forever, before we realize it it’s ove.. Enjoy the sunshine, the warmth, the bbq, the swimming at the pool or sea, your vacation….. Planning your future or thinking about good memories isn’t bad at all but that shouldn’t be a burden to enjoy your summer. Be fully here!

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  • nice! I love summer, but I love winter even more!!


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  • Yeah summer is coming - I am planning to sit back and take stock this summer just spend a bit of time reflecting, on nothing in particular just ease the pace a little bit.