Role models, modern family and (P2)

Role models, modern family, and current war (P1)

Part 2 - Final

Every single man has been rejected one time or another. Not a single one of us were farted out the womb and, BAAM, were automatically Don Juan Da'PussyMagneto and anyone who tells you different is the same guy (we all know one of them) who tries to convince his friends he wrestles sharks off the coast of Sri Lanka (yeah.. I heard that horseshit once - truly). So I understand that fury.... our nature to compete... to win... to be a man... to become... to say "I did it, I beat those odds." You think I don't know that feeling because I am successful now? Shit.... all I wanted to do in high school was chase skirt and play sports and if I didn't have both parents up my ass things would have turned out different.

What is my point to all of this build up? There is a quasi cold war (of sorts) taking place at moment between the sexes and getting worse and worse. On one end you have the radical feminists loaded with (legitimately) mentally ill people who are, in truth, an unfathomably small community but a loud one. People like Laci Green, or the con artist Sarkeesian... or the liars like mattress girl who claimed rape... or, worse yet... the pedophile (admitted) Lena Dunham who are given forums due to the internet to reach young minds and create a "misery loves company" issue. At the same time, men (as we do) are, in large numbers, logically considering the issues and saying "there is no way I am going to risk my future and all I have accomplished for a chance and one that has anything to do with those types of people." So they give up. Those specific women.... does anyone truly (I mean, let's be frank here and throw aside what we know to be true about the self admissions of the individuals) believe those women will live fulfilled lives? They won't.... My point is, they need to be removed, forgotten, replaced and both sexes need to do as we are made to do, come together while reverting back to the role models that need to be carrying out their duty. People like Elliot Rodger blamed women for his "issues". Women had absolutely not a single thing to do with it. He had no parents up his ass.... he was nurtured into that monstrosity based on his own miring but which had a beginning and that beginning was a failure of a Father and a horrendous Mother. So it falls to us men to say "FUCK HIM! That piece of shit... fuck that guy or any guys like him" and resume our role that we have had since the dawn of time and, regardless of whatever bullshit you spew at me (ie: "I don't, I'm special!"), we both know, we want that role as the guardian, the securing force... On the flip side... it falls to you, young women... strong newly adult women to stand up and say "FUCK HER" to people like I mentioned earlier and be an equal body at a round table making decisions for the betterment of your future kids.

If you allow these manipulations... these travesties to continue against your very sexes then, guess what, it will only get worse (have you not personally seen it? If not, are you legally blind?). The lies will be mixed with the true crimes to such an extent that men won't go anywhere near the women... and guess who gets wealthy? The same people pulling the strings. Most of the anger and confrontation needs to be directed toward the awful parents who, stupidity, decided to make a kid after a one night stand and then forget about the kid thus created Elliot Rodger again.. and again. So who is to blame? Not men... not women. The scammers... the disgusting, money grubbing, lying, unlicensed, distorted, and lifelong losers that are now preaching the way life should be. Do you not understand that by acting in accordance to what they say you are nothing more than a puppet dancing to the tune of something that goes against your very biological desires and destiny of your species? I'd say that trumps everything else.... yeah I think there is an entire section on that called natural law or something like that... (/derp)

We... all of us... myself included of course... we are all responsible for assuring that the next generation has the best chances for success.. to (hopefully) surpass what we were. I cannot speak for any of you, of course, but, for me, I have had one hope and it is the same hope I have had for (approx) ten years now. To be able to be on my death bed, look up at my kid(s), look up at my wife and ask: "was I the best Father/Husband I could be" and they answer "yes" while being fully honest. While I don't need that assurance it is the point I am making that, as a man, that is my destiny as a man. Not to "fuck hundred girls yo" because I can guarantee any of you guys I have had more chances to pull tail than a god damn toilet seat in Mexico after taco night but I haven't always jumped unless I felt a specific connection (not love in this instance). Why? Because I knew that one day I would have a wife and I didn't want to have a conversation about the numerous easy targets I "bagged" and I sure as fuck don't want to lie to her about it. Sex lasts an hour.... my integrity, your integrity... remove all we have and we keep that. So, to you young guys, value it, develop those things and respect it. Honor... is not just a word. To the women, the (literally) same applies to you. How do you think it's going to play out if you have to tell a future suitor you've been with (example) five guys when the true number is thirty..... at 21 years old? You already know that guilt will and has always racked your thoughts so how do you think that is going to play out? Do you think he's going to say "cool babe, you're a modern woman!" Won't happen... and you know what... his thoughts are not sexist either. They are simply a feeling that both sexes have. We BOTH have it when we love someone and that is "I am theirs.... they are mine..." Sure we fool ourselves but the point is, to upend ones thoughts about the one they love is a placebo effect in some instances. The best option? Live your life, of course, and don't use sex as a tool to find connection when none exists.

The circle must... inevitably come back around and that circle, in this case, equates to role models. Solid... secure.... trustworthy... loving... etc. I am the man I am today because of choices I made based on both my innate being but, more importantly, my upbringing. All of you are, absolutely, no different. I am positive... absolutely and positively, one hundred percent, positive that many of you are right there in terms of how I think. Sure you may be working your way through the world and have yet to reach the level of accomplishment based on my age difference but, once the song ends, you will be because you and I share (with minor exceptions of course - which is no problem) fundamental agreement on the importance of family... of role models... of respect... and, most of all, that we need to come together and fix this bullshit. Not talk about it, not pretend it doesn't exist, but need to do as our ancestors did before us...come together, and remove a tainted, and corrupt force that is, quite literally, ripping apart what society was. Does this mean some changes need to be made to assure this/that? Of course, no problem... however, those people... they aren't the ones to do it. You are. The average everyday young man or young woman. You have the power to make the choice and humanity is at a tipping point in its history, right now. If this trend continues, family will be no more very soon... people with values, good qualities and are mentally and physically healthy will be an oddity and replaced with lies, manipulations by the mentally ill for personal gain and, worst of all, your own life full of things you will later regret you didn't assure an outcome to.

One final note. It is generally agreed upon that the generation of WW2, both men and women, are the greatest generation in American, British, French (etc) histories. Do you think they woke up one day or were born that way? No... they faced down a serious issue before them when it occurred and, hell, before that happened they were thought of as flamboyant, cowards, etc to the aggressors. Wars such as that are no more and are now replaced with shadow wars of manipulations and corrupt officials scheming to assure this/that for their own gains. Don't let people like that take away the dreams we all had when we were children. You can get exactly what you want... but to get there you will need to make decisions. Some of you will need to rise up beyond your awful parent(s) or non existent parents and assure your kids do not feel what you felt. So the task is before both sexes.... BOTH.... time flies and before men know it the window of opportunity for success is gone and we would be lucky working at Dirty Dicks selling T-Shirts.... for women... time flies just as fast and remember this and remember it well.... there is ALWAYS.... ALWAYS a younger, in her prime 18-21 year old getting off the plane looking for love, family and (typically) that guy. Both sexes have important windows to get to a certain level (per say) and this garbage dump of bullshit and mentally defunct people directing traffic and telling you how to think without you even taking the time to say "WTF!?" is only going to waste precious years and continue this trend of chaos for others.

I write this not because I like writing novels or miss my blog site but, rather, I truly want to help and I know that, and I say this with absolutely no arrogance meant, you will never meet a person more attuned to who people truly are as I have been blessed (and cursed) with it innately and the training only enhanced it. I want to help because I read the questions... I read the answers... I read the sites.... I see the internal struggling based on misdirection coming from elsewhere and I feel that if I don't do my part then I am not the man I believe myself to be, the man many have told me that I am... the man I want to be... the man I was meant to be... destined to be... to become... and, most of all, a man who stands up for what is right no matter who the fuck is in my way like I know many of you men feel. I have one tattoo which reads "Death before Dishonor" and if I don't say these things knowing full well I am (likely) about to have to verbally (written) obliterate someone(s) who are simply too far gone and have had it too hard, for too long, blame themselves too much, that they are the puppets of the corrupt and defunct people and their only desire is to spread exactly the same suffering they obtain from those sources. To each of those people... my door is... always (I am serious) open and even if I disagree with you about whatever silly or important political/whatever ideal I will always talk to you as a person if you come to me in private and ask... always.... without even the slightest ounce of my normal sarcasm. I respect courage and I respect taking risks and I respect wanting a better life but I would not be able to live with that tattoo if I didn't. I would be a fraud... a piece of shit playing DaddyCool.

But for (mainly) those in the brackets of 16-22 (approx: college grad age)... what comes to pass in the future of western society is about to hit all of your shoulders. Not me or those like me, I've already made it. But you, those of you working to this point.

You have a forked road before you... come together, end the absolutely moronic, stupid, silly, foolish and childish splintering caused by stupidity and a lack of respect by both (BOTH) sides caused by other people... put it to bed... and make it your duty to reestablish the importance that is the united family unit. Your kids deserve it... and you know as well as I do that society does too.

Side Note: Another reason I took the time to write these two parts is I am sick of these so called "experts" claiming some make believe knowledge and coming on this site with absolutely no formal training, no education into the human mind (or anything), claiming they are some fucking love guru, nothing.... and giving you "advice". You deserve better. You deserve facts, direct/blunt honesty, hard connected truths none of us like and not some snake oil sales by someone who is going to make a buck off your clicks like those swindlers - in other words - the dogs are out and raking in MONEY on the division and decimination of family, proper child rearing techniques and, most of all, respect, integrity, honor, and, what you deserve more than anything (all of you) - honesty...


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  • Agreed. I can't stand myTakes that are like "how to create a great relationship" and stuff like that.

    Seriously your just some random person on the internet I'm not going to take you seriously...