I'm Not Hatin' I Just Have An Opinion!

This article may offend those who lack a sense of humor!

So, if you suffer from offenditis please do not read any further!

I'm Not Hatin' I Just Have An Opinion!

Girl: Her lips look like she was molested by a blowfish.

Guy: Why are you hatin' for? She's pretty!

Guy: Damn! It looks like she can climb trees with them shits!

Girl: Why are you hatin' for? You're just jealous because your girlfriend

has razor blades for toenails. In fact, that's what made the metal detector in my building go off last night.

Girl: I'm going to buy her brown pants from now on for every day of the week.

Guy: Why are you hatin'? Are you mad because she can wiggle it better than you?

Girl: So, that's what she meant by "I'm wet" when she called you.

Guy: Why are you hatin'? Is it because you're always dry?

Guy: Wasn't I cute when I was a baby?

Girl: Yeah...like the vomit on my shoe!

Guy: Why are you hatin' for? You're just mad because you don't have good

genetics like I do.

Clearly, these are just some extreme examples just to add a bit of humor to the whole subject.

For a while I have noticed (most) times when you have a opinion that differs from the social norm or from a person's opinion in general (that you are interacting with) they will label you a hater.

Just because someone doesn't share your views doesn't mean they are hatin'.

They simply have an opinion, nothing more or less!

So, for all my politically correct people who refuse to use slang as a second language you are probably wondering....

  • What does "hatin'" mean?

Hatin' - To show a strong dislike against something, when in reality it's what you desire.

Didn't know that before?

Well, I just gave you a little bit of ed-u-ma-cation .

So people,

Welcome all opinions!

Opposing views can exist without someone having a sip of hate-er-rade!

Have a nice day!

That's all folks!

A outrageous video below:

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Most Helpful Guy

  • A very pointless myTake

    I'm not hatin' by the way, I just have an opinion about it.

    Of course I don't have to tell you that I'm jk lol.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Twerking looks like your ass is having a seizure, but I'm only saying that cuz i wish I could look like a ninties prostitute on amphetamines.

    Love this take, so very very true.


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What Guys Said 10

  • I wish people would just stop using that word. It's so stupid.

    It's impossible to have an unfavorable opinion about something without being accused of "hatin".

  • Well I believe the first one is backwards. More like
    Guy: she looks like she was molested by blowfish!
    Girl:why are you hat in for? she is pretty...
    p. s opposing views and HATE are massively different.
    I could dislike your article but that does not make me a hater.
    Hater and troll are just fashionable words people use to fit into this social media retardation of the planet. ;) hate away ed-u-ma-ca-tor!

    • You misunderstood the whole take my friend.
      Someone claiming you're a hater goes beyond the view of just opposing views. It has to do with the person thinking you are only making negative comments because you are jealous of that person.
      Even if you disliked my entire article... I could careless because who are you to me? A nobody. So you can quickly fade away as quickly as you faded in.

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    • yeah its called shit humour.

    • *Wah* *wah* *Wah* you hurt my feelings.

  • Oh that was awesome thanks for sharing , LMFAO

  • That was a rather boring take. I'm not hatin' I just didn't learn anything exciting.

    • Says the minority.

      Thanks for coming along !
      You won't be missed !

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    • With the mentality of a four year old I can see how this immature behavior is entertaining to you.
      But I must walk away now.
      I have a life!

    • I didn't use one curse word.
      Lets look at all of those that you have used.
      You're the one calling me out on being "dumb" and "immature" yet first words you use to express yourself
      are those of profanity.
      I couldn't possibly use your own words against you when I haven't even called you NOT even a single
      curse word.
      You truly are the things that you speak of.
      Like I said you wouldn't say anything to my face, you're a punk.
      Only someone that grows a pair over the internet and measures their self worth by
      attempting to humiliate others.
      Good try! But I don't give a damn about someone like you.
      I am someone that is educated with a degree 3.8 gpa, so you can call me "dumb" all you want but the proof is in the pudding.
      I would continue to engage in this little back and forth with you,
      but I'm an adult and will not continue to argue with someone that has a child like mentality.
      And continue on by yourself :)
      Lets see how much more gangster you can look typing away

  • The lips look ridiculous. Not sure why anyone would want nails that long, but whatever...
    As far as twerking goes... not sexy at all in my opinion...


  • Hilarious read, thanks for an early morning boost :D

  • ahhh now I know what is twerking lol...

  • Funny thing, you say it's wrong to hate on people who have a different opinion right after stating you don't want to hear people who feel offended by this.

    • You didn't understand this.
      The word "hate"means showing a strong dislike towards something but in reality it is something you want/or wish you had.
      Ex. I can express how much I hate Nikki Minaj.
      I really don't , I love her. I'm just jealous of her career and fortune.
      That is what a "hater" is.

      I am saying people can have a personal opinion without being a "hater". Perhaps they simply do not like something and that it okay.

      The above line is clearly just a joke !
      This is made for laughs.

    • I'm detecting a lack of humor.

  • depends. if you say things, can have their reactions. if you also say things harshly, then people will react. don't see yourself as the victim.

    • Say what?

      I have no idea what you are speaking about or implying.
      But all I am stating here is that people need to welcome others opinions.

      "Hating" is a slang word used to describe someone who has opposing views with another due to pure jealousy.

      Ex: I can say a girl is unattractive.
      But in reality, I do not mean she is I am just jealous.
      That is what "hating" is.

      I am telling people to be open to listening to others without assuming that they are a hater.
      That is all.

What Girls Said 9

  • Those nails. Ohhhww.. I just felt a little throw up in the back of my mouth come up.

  • I love everything about this. Thank you! The last video is superb. :-)

  • LMAO the poop twerkin' and the chick who falls in the tub :) :) :) this made my day!!! nice take

  • LMAO at the poop twerk and shower dance. XD

  • Haha, the baby one was funny. 😃😃

  • Welcome to my life.

  • This is a hilarious take and good one. Good job! :D

  • The last vide is hilarious
    She can def twerk

  • All the damn time!
    Imposible to start to explain anything, they just dont listen.