Hopsin Is Back!

Hopsin's new album just dropped today! It is called Pound Syndrome and it is amazing. I personally didn't like Knock Madness, but this is great! Hopsin has a mad flow and spits raw! The album includes the following songs, in order;

  1. The Pound (Intro)
  2. Forever Ill
  3. No Hope
  4. Ramona (feat. Dizzy Wright)
  5. Mr. Jones
  6. Fort Collins (feat. Dizzy Wright)
  7. No Words (Skit)
  8. Crown Me
  9. Ill Mind of Hopsin 7
  10. FV Till I Die (feat. SwizZz)
  11. My Love
  12. No Fucks Given
  13. Fly
  14. I Just Can't

I love this album because Hop features a variety of songs. Forever Ill and Fly were two of my favorite. Forever Ill disses main rappers and states why he is one of the best rappers in the game right now. In Fly, Hopsin makes his message clear. Hop raps about everything wrong with modern day society. It is one of his best songs, I personally think. His No Words skit was hilarious, mimicking modern day rappers. My Love showed real compasion and truth behind his romance life and I loved the hook. Crown Me was also great, shows how strong his rap game is. I could go on, but all I am gonna say is, buy the album!

Pound Syndrome is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon Music. I would recommend buying it on Amazon, it is the cheapest. Also, go pick up the CD at a local Best Buy, or Target. Hopsin is one of the best political rappers. Please buy this album or even one of the songs featured on the album. If not, I will leave a link to the album. Don't forget to follow him on his social medias below.

Pound Syndrome

Pound syndrome is out now! Today is the day #PoundSyndromeA photo posted by Marcus Hopson (@hopsinson) on Jul 24, 2015 at 9:11am PDT

I pop out the blue like a Crip with a rag
I got the juice, watch you listen to Chance - Hopsin, Forever Ill


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  • How can you say you didn't like knock madness but you like this?
    You are just trying to say what hopsin said. The albums are so fucking similar it is crazy.
    Crown me + I just can't = Hip hop sinister + I need help
    caught in the rain + dream forever = My love + fort collins
    Nollie tre + gimme that money = forever ill + mr jones
    whats my purpose = no hope

    No words isn't a song, so ill put it with rip your heart out.
    ramona is funny as f* but I hate the end of it.
    No fucks given is awesome too but the chorus is all fucked up and it way louder than the song which ruins it.
    Basically I think the albums are almost identical, but FLY...
    FLY! fuck I love the lyrics in that song
    Hopsin is definitely the best rapper right now. Im just just talking about his ability to rap, but the fact he writes and produces all his music and vids which makes him famous without having to pay someone else to make him sound good (like every single other rapper )

    • Hopsin isn't the best rapper. And I have heard a lot of people saying his music is repetitive. It kinda is. But Hopsin doesn't go into depth when rapping. I think that's what more of the Ill Minds are for. No Words was a hilarious skit. It was a waste of a beat but whatever. In conclusion, Hopsin isn't the best rapper and I don't think he ever will be.

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    • I said "I" think it. He created an industry alone and he as great work ethic and makes dope beats. Everyone else just pays their producers to do it.
      p. s I know ill mind 7 is on the album, can't you tell that I clearly own the album lol.

    • Sorry, blud. I accidentally put it on this one. I meant to send it to someone else. lmao

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  • Cool that you like some degree of 'Rap' but Hopsin is wack af to me.


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  • Haha didn't know that. I mostly listen to rock music and don't like most rap but I do occasionally listen to some Eminem and older D12 and I actually like Hopsin. I like the messages he brings across and how he isn't afraid to call others out. This is definitely my favorite by him.(The white contacts while a signature are a bit much though haha)

  • Lmao. This fool was a Disney actor went gangster.
    Seriously he was in Disney.

    • Yeah, but 'Pac did ballet. Lol, no hate. I grew up on Tupac and if he was alive, it's safe to say I would succumb to the groupie life.

    • shhh we don't speak about that.

  • Hmmm. Didn't know he had dropped another album. Didn't really promote this one did he?

    • Actually he did. A while back Hop posted a spoof of him retiring and at the end he featured the album. Also Ill Mind of Hopsin 7 was released a while back along with Crown Me, also promoting Pound Syndrome. Also, his Twitter and Instagram have been promoting it.

    • I didn't know Ill Mind of Hopsin 7 would be on the album.

    • Ill Mind of Hopsin is on the album!

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