Dave Chappelle is Back!

Dave Chappelle is Back!

So most of us have seen his SNL guest host and that was fine and appropriate but nothing too groundbreaking just seemed like old Chappelle.

But his Netflix special proves that he's back, he's relevant and it's a different act.

Chappelle famously quit his hot show and breached a $50M contract in 2005 over ethical issues and the direction of the show to head for some space in Kenya.

It was rumored by the gossip columns columns he had drug or mental issues and it wasn't truly over ethical issues. What kind of ethical person would walk away from $50M?

He always saw himself more as stand up than in the entertainment community and had a dislike for it. Well, after 10 years away Chappelle is back and he isn't just speaking on black issues. He speaks on gender issues and his timing between bits is flawless like he never left the stage.

Since a teenager he's been an excellent performer even if you don't like the content he could own a stage. Now in his 40's he has perspective, he has a voice and but his comedy still is driven by the same catalyst as ever- rejection of the status quo.


He doesn't need the money. It isn't opportunistic taking advantage of the times. He just can't sit and not comment.

Dave Chappelle is Back!
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  • NatashaJ
    I don't like his transgender remarks at all especially there some evidence that lately each week in America a transgender is getting murdered and mainstream media doesn't even report it or care for it. Then he thinks its ok to make the remarks he made.
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    • He makes fun of everyone so he is consistent.

    • NatashaJ

      @TaylorSpliff Does it matter? this year transgenders are getting a ton of shit and are putting in danger and no one really seems to care or help them that much in America. Then it's a laughing joke the barriers they have in the Olympics.

    • NatashaJ

      Funny how people say its unfair for any transgender to be part of the Olympics and don't think that's isn't fuck up thinking. Especially since there are a lot of women who can fight and defend themselves from men but oh female athletes can't even win against a transgender.

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  • akadatank44
    Ugh I hope he does a tour again. I wasn't home the last time he was in my state
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  • Eternallylucky
    He's going to stir up things... maybe with trump jokes.. :).

    He's going to rock the boat.
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  • TaylorSpliff
    The Bill Cosby joke was...
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  • Arya_Christ
    Don't know who he is...
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