ADHD is a gift people not a curse

ADHD is a gift people not a curse

I was trying to daydream but my mind kept wandering.

I believe that ADHD is a gift.

ADHD means Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and 6.4 million children (11% of this age group 4-17 years) have ever been diagnosed with ADHD. Rates of ever-diagnosed ADHD increased an average of approximately 5% per year from 2003 to 2011. ADHD is a neurological disorder. And it affects the frontal cortex appears thinner and matures slower in children with ADHD but the motor cortex grew much faster than normal in a child with ADHD. Which explains why we fidget so much than kids without ADHD. Our medicine are stimulants because they help increase certain chemical in our brain that improve attentiveness and motivation.

Researchers have found that people with ADHD characteristics are more likely to reach higher levels of creative thought and achievement than people without these characteristics . And there are a lot of famous people that have ADHD like Walt Disney and Bill Gates. Also Einstein had ADHD. Some are more athletic, others have endless imagination. People with ADHD Hold a gift known as hyperfocus. This is when you concentrate intensely on a given subject, and your thought process moves away from objective reality and into the realm of subjective ideas. Basicly you say “what if” and your mind is off and will not stop until you are finished.

If this isn’t enough many ADHD patients are millionaires, artists, musicians, actors, and athletes, have a very high IQ and we are are unstoppable when we find our passion. We have an extra sense that helps us be hyper-aware of their surroundings and is sometimes prone to realize irregularities in an environment or slightly unusual things that other people may overlook. Sometimes we are great at multi tasking, if we can develope the skill.

Adhd is something to be proud to have. People with ADHD have secret senses to do the unthinkable and to be the impossible. And Adhd kids have a lot of fun more than others because there is no end to our imagination.
And remember ADHD people have more thoughts before breakfast than most people have in one day. Thanks for listening to my speech.


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  • Well, I view add as a strength in certain environments. Society views it as an aberration so it can be hard in school and traditional jobs and lifestyles.

    I am add, I find it to be a strength for me now, but it was hell in parts of my youth due to the schooling methods and I just couldn't fit into the traditional schooling methods.


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  • I believe it is often used to stuff kids with medication and give them an excuse to be little shits, instead of disciplining them and giving them the right conditions to learn and be creative.

    • No not really

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    • Did you not read what I wrote, or were you just incapable of understanding it? Allow me to translate: "I believe it is often used to stuff kids with medication and give them an excuse to be little shits,"
      I believe it is often used to give healthy kids who are nothing but bored and under stimulated, a diagnosis in order to sedate them instead of giving them what they need. I am not talking about kids who actually have ADHD.

    • Oh sorry my misunderstanding