45 small things I will always appreciate

45 small things I will always appreciate

1. Clean feeling in your mouth after you use mouthwash

2. Hot showers

3. Watching snow fall, its so magical

4. Hot beverage during a Christmas movie marathon

5. Smell after a fresh rain fall

6. Giving an old friend a hug after going too long between seeing each other

7. Watching a beautiful sunset

8. Reading a book you love

9. Looking at yourself in the mirror in your favorite outfit

10. Adrenaline rush riding a scary roller coaster

11. Someone telling you that you made their day

12. Honoring holiday traditions

13. Watching the leaves turn during fall

14. Watching your favorite sports team win

15. Having a get together with friends

16. Accomplishing something you thought was near impossible

17. Splurging on something you've wanted for awhile but was out of your budget

18. Getting a beautiful flower arrangement

19. Acing a test you thought for sure you would fail

20. Decorating the house for Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

21. Having a warm jacket during cold weather

22. Catching snow on my tongue

23. Sleeping on clean sheets

24. Returning to your bed after a long day

25. Making the first tracks in the snow

26. Changing into dry clothes after being soaked in the rain

27. Watching someone open a gift you know they will love

28. The smell of freshly popped pocorn

29. My first sip of tea each morning

30. Watching a new episode of whatever show i am into

31. Biting into a chocolate chip cookie, fresh from the oven

32. Dipping the cookie into milk

33. Going to the movie theater

34. A random stranger being nice to you

35. People complimenting you

36. Eating a smore

37. Walking on a quiet beach, feet in the ocean

38. Having a conversation with someone and really clicking with them

39. First bite of a meal when you're really hungry

40. Waking up in the morning and finally feeling like you got enough sleep

41. Making other people smile

42. Listening to rain fall while reading a great book

43. Getting a new haircut that looks great on you

44. Being pampered

45. Watching a movie you have been looking forward to for forever


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  • You forgot these:

    46: Crush your enemies

    47: See them driven before you

    48: Hear the lamentations of their women

  • those are 45 great, simple things :). Especially #14 Carolina Panthers are now 7-0!!! lol. But seriously, its the little things that make life worth living :)

    • I love this time of year though from Thanksgiving to New years :)

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    • its okay just accepted it!

    • ok lol, i finished my mytake lol

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