A Cell Phone Is A Phone. Not A Multitool.

A Cell Phone Is A Phone. Not A Multitool.

Today cell phones are not phones anymore. Now they are basically multitools. So the name “phone” is wrong technically.

Personally I strongly disagree with how cell phones ended up to be. Its main purpose is to make calls when you are not at home and send messages. And that’s how they were when they started to become available to the masses since early 90s.

It’s not a map. It’s not a camera. It’s not a computer. Most people might find it convenient, having everything in just one device, but it’s actually a bad thing on the long run.

I realized most people don’t even use computers anymore. They use their phones to browse internet. Like for example, when I browse facebook I see often a minimized image of a phone. Which means they use facebook from their phones. Just 5 years ago it was an uncommon phenomenon.

You see many people complain about youngsters being above their phones all day, even when they go out at a café. Do you wonder why this happens? Because of how phones ended up. They have reached to the point to be considered essential. And if someone doesn’t have a “smartphone” nowdays then he/she’s simply considered “out-of-sync”.

When THESE were around you almost never saw any people being above them 24/7. You know why I guess.

I know all technophiles are going to hate this post, but here is some piece of advice. Don’t let technology tempt you. You should be strong enough to not be tempted. You should learn to know when to say “stop”, and never let yourself be consumed by technological advancements.

It doesn’t necessarily mean, every technological advancement is good. You should learn to judge.


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  • Just to add my 2 cents;
    Although phones do have their benefits such as being able to check emails etc on the go. I feel like some people are soo addicted to their phones. A friend of mine spends hours on her phone a day. Whenever you see her she's on her phone , in class she's on her phone , after class she's on her phone it's sad to see.
    I wish we were still in the Nokia 3310 days. Where the only thing you could do was call & text.


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  • Cell phones are horrible. Being connected to everyone, your friends, family, and job is terrible. Sometimes you just want to get away from them.

    • It's up to you to decide with who you want to stay in contact, but i agree especially with your last sentence.

      Personally i prefer spending time on my own anyway.

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  • Yeah, its not a cell phone anymore because nowadays we use "smart phones"...

    Also, one chooses to go on their phone all the time if they want to. One can also "choose" to put away their phone while out with a friend... The smart phone isn't forcing the person to pay attention to it...

    • Then why so many addicts?

  • What's your point exactly. Are you really concerned about computers not getting enough attention. Phones today are pretty much little computers. Even though their original purpose was to make calls, they've become so much more. Even though you may think they're terrible I find it relieving to have a computer in my pocket. I wouldn't say I'm addicted to my phone, but his has gotten me out of a lot of problems. When my family got lost in another state we used the GPS to find our way home. When my alarm clock broke, my phone was right there to save the day. I have important emails for school right there. If you think about it though, if people weren't addicted to cell phones they'd just be addicted to something else. If we didn't have cell phones people would just stare at computers, tv's, and video games all day. At least when they're all packed onto my phone I can actually leave the house.

    • Not to mention, internet on phone SUCKS and it's painfully slow and hard to use.

      Computer provides better internet, trust me.

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    • Maybe your computer is old? No way phone has better internet.

    • It has nothing to do with the phone but the provider.

  • And the moral of the story? Get a dumb phone and live under a stone? Lol
    Your post is like saying don't use water that is pumped through pipes and gets to your house, instead dig a well in your backyard because hey, that's what wells are for right? 😂😂😂

    • It's about people realising what phones are made of, and help them cure their addiction.

    • It's funny because the well costs less and causes you to be self sufficient.
      Nothing wrong with using the well, in fact it provides way more advantages than pipes.
      However, with phones we should just know how to do things without them is what he means I think.
      So basically he's saying, sure use them, but don't be unable to do things without them.

    • @Vasiliy "However, with phones we should just know how to do things without them is what he means I think."


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  • Are you from the 60s? Why should technology not evolve? Why does innovation make you outraged?

    I don't use my phone as a phone. I use it as a portable computer. Sure, the name "phone" isn't really right for that, but who cares?

    • Sorry for the upvote but i clicked on it by mistake. Honestly i disagree with your post, but i wouldn't downvote you.


      "I don't use my phone as a phone. I use it as a portable computer. Sure, the name "phone" isn't really right for that, but who cares?"

      ^I do. 20 years ago when PHONES were PHONES you didn't see this often:


      Yes i know i was very little in the 90s, but you can tell by asking people who lived as teens during those years.

      "Are you from the 60s? Why should technology not evolve? Why does innovation make you outraged?"

      ^60s were way better. Technology was used by the military, by the government, by the navy, by the police, and by scientists. Common people had NO access to technology as they do in our days.

      And it was good, because common people prove to be INCAPABLE of using technology. Only thing they managed to achieve is become addicts.

  • This is a really odd thing to post as a mytake, but I'll just say this: Words evolve in meaning, and the English language changes, m'kay?

    So, you are saying that we should get rid of one of the most useful objects that a person can possess in this day-and-age because: why exactly?

    • Because they prove to be incapable to use it, and they ended up becoming addicts.

      Seriously in a few years if you won't have a smartphone you will be considered useless no matter who you are. Remember this.

      And "evolve" isn't always a good thing. Why do you need a cell phone, apart from the fact to make calls and send messages? Everything else is useless. They just make phones like that nowdays just in order to get richer and richer by dump greedy people who want more and more. Yes that's what most people are nowdays. Dump and greedy.

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    • Oh fuck lmao I accidentally thought we were talking about something else, was talking about the use of a word in another thread and mixed them up, my bad.

    • @Vasiliy Never mind. When i read it i thought i was a fascist because i dislike modern phones. Oh Lord.

  • The invention of the telephone didn't stop anyone from knocking on people's doors.


    • It's vastly undermined the frequency of visiting friends and family though.

    • @Vasiliy the only reason people think that's a bad thing is because of traditions and society.