Why I Don't Own A Cell Phone


1) It Cuts You Off From The World

Why I Don't Own A Cell Phone

Being on your phone all the time cuts you off from reality and your surroundings. You end up so engrossed in what you're doing that you don't notice what's happening around you.

2) The World Feels Cut Off From You

Why I Don't Own A Cell Phone

If you're on your phone, people may be reluctant to talk to you or interrupt what you're doing which can cause missed opportunities to meet someone new or for your friend to talk to you about things. If you look busy, then nobody will want to bother you.

3) It Gets Addicting And Stressful

Why I Don't Own A Cell Phone

It's hard to get out of the habit of constantly being on Instagram, Tinder, and other social media apps and one you're using them they become a part of your personality. And trying to constantly keep up with everything online and trying to keep your online persona looking a certain way can be stressful.

4) It's Money That Can Be Spent Elsewhere

Why I Don't Own A Cell Phone

The cost of buying and maintaining a plan on your phone can be expensive. I'd personally rather spend that money on something I need than on a phone.

5) You Learn To Be Dependent On It

Why I Don't Own A Cell Phone

It can become something that you feel unsafe leaving the house without or like you wouldn't know what to do if you lost it. Sometimes you can end up putting too much trust on the idea of having one that you don't learn how to navigate the world without it (mostly for teenagers on this one).

So here are a few reasons why I don't personally carry a phone on me, but everyone is different and I don't expect everyone to agree with not having one. Just my own lifestyle.

Thank you for reading!

Why I Don't Own A Cell Phone
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  • wingattebaby16
    i dont have a cell phone coz i dont have the money. I also owe 3 cell companies $$$ from when i did have a cell, but did not pay my bills until i got cut off.

    I do miss not being able to take pictures and post to facebook. I do really miss not being able to just call a girlfriend when i find a great sale at the mall.

    I really miss the camera part when something funny or really sexy happens.

    I don't miss the constant text msgs from old bfs.

    I do like the freedom of being somewhere and not having my phone ring over some stupid thing my sister wants to tell me.

    But, how did people ever live life before without having a cell phone? I dont see how you can function w/o one.

    I do feel emotionally and partially physically crippled not having a cell to look up maps, find the best prices, get movie times. and chill when i need to call a girlfriend.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Fathoms77
    Wow... I can get away with saying this because I'm old, and people just think I can't operate a smartphone or some such nonsense. I need it for work but aside from that, it's never used for leisure purposes. Neither is my computer.

    But a 17-year-old saying this? ... geez, your peers probably want you burned at the stake. :P
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    • MissMc3

      Yeah they do lol My band yells at me to get one nearly every day 😝

    • Harpesian

      Hang on a minute. If neither smartphone nor computer are used for leisure purposes, what are you posting this from?

    • MissMc3

      @Harpesian I never said I don't use a laptop...

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  • GamingMouse
    All that is total BS if I may say so. It depends completely from person whether he gets addicted or dependable (with few exceptions) from a cell phone. I personally have one but you won't see me on it 24/7. Most likely your viewpoint was influenced a lot by some adult who is against these things or you just want to be "different".
    • MissMc3

      No, I think it's quite valid actually. Your frustration towards it suggests to me that you are one of the many addicted phone users out there.
      My opinion is not influenced by and adult or a need to be unique, it's influenced by people like yourself.

    • Wait what? I am frustrated? Well I guess I chose wrong words then... It's just hard to believe that someone growing up in 21st century is so against cell phones o_O And I will repeat once again: I'm not addicted to my phone ^^. Unless you believe that to have cell phones to contact other people and pass time while you are waiting for your doctors appointment are signs of addictions, I won't argue. After all every person has their own point of view.

  • oldanddecrepid
    Finally, a teen that would not be on their phone 24/7 that is a miracle!

    I am most impressed! If I were a younger guy and noticed you were not on your phone all the time (especially texting your friends that are sitting in the same room with you) I would think WOW she is worth getting to know!
    • MissMc3

      Lol Thank you very much!

    • Well it is just completely ignorant when someone has there face buried in the phone all the time and you have to "interrupt them" to even converse with them.

    • MissMc3

      I feel the same way. I used to have a phone and never noticed it, but when you don't have one and someone you're trying to communicate with keeps eyeing their screen it's really bothersome and rude. I'd hate to be that type of person.

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  • renogaza
    i own a smart phone because my education and business relies on it, i coordinate with my classmates for projects and thesis and am able to schedule conferences any time, i can help operate my mom's business and the website, help schedule appointments, etc.. yet, i rarely ever spend time on my phone for anything other than youtube and gag when i'm relaxing, and i'd much rather use my laptop for that since my phone doesn't last too long on a full charge if i use it all day, so no i'd much rather keep my cellphone, its convenient and as long as you don't get addicted to it very useful

    in my opinion cellphones don't cut you off from the world, it open's up bigger horizons, would you rather call someone from 6000 miles away? or walk there instead?

    i agree that for some people the world is cut off from you, and that's because they let their phone do that to them, all you have to do is get between them and their phone and suddenly there's a connection, no?

    if you feel that your phone is stressful then you shouldn't be using it, but in my case it relieves stress, it solves all my logistic problems that i otherwise would not have fixed on time

    technically i agree that it could be money spent elsewhere, but the phone i had prior to this one was the original samsung galaxy, not the S1 or later, just the galaxy, you know how old that is? and the fact that it still mostly works is every penny worth, so i decided to buy a new one expecting it to serve me just as well as my last phone if not better, and if it does 10 years from now then its money well spent

    phones like computers, laptops and tablets do make people dependent, and for some it replaces mathematics and books, and while i'd gladly drop the heavy textbooks over a 1.3 pound tablet or 3 pound gaming laptop i do think that not learning math is bad, but because of technology we managed to calculate the launch trajectory and orbital path of the Apollo spacecraft, the same math that most rockets recycle over and over again today, and also math that unlocked a brand new expansive horizon for the LHC and James Webb Telescope, none of which could have even been attempted for 50 to 100 years without computer assisted mathematics
    • renogaza

      cellphones aren't the only thing that gets people addicted, computers and laptops and tablets do too, and social media even more than anything, but we're in the internet age so we need to keep up instead of getting left behind like our grand/parents often do, technology is mankind's greatest evolutionary state, as long as we don't allow technology to rule us.

  • bbch25
    1. Self control and respect. I have travelled the world, messenger is one of the few ways I can actually keep in contact, so it keeps me in contact with the world. And it also means I can see the news through my phone.

    2. Self control and respect again. Both of these can be subbed with anything, if I'm reading around a guest, then I'm being rude and cut off from them too. Don't blame the technology on these two, blame the persons respect.

    3. Again, self control. Don't go on those apps then. You don't need apps on your phone.

    4. It's not a waste of money if you do it wisely and responsibly. And considering most jobs contact you via phone, through interview or whatever, you're going to end up possibly losing money from missed opportunities.

    5. Well, there's nothing stupid about feeling unsafe if you go out without it. I like knowing if i get stuck somewhere, I can contact someone! I agree that relying on it is a bit much, we should all learn maths by and before we use calculators for example.

    But all your reasons sound a bit silly and that you're just making excuses, have some respect for people and self control and you're fine.
  • TripleAce
    So true and i wish i could get rid of it for thise exact reasons. Actually i find it stressful cause im always interrupted by messages and various notifications. But at the same time its a tool and like any tool (pencil, hammer, drill) its just that much more convenient to use it

    So its a toss up lol
  • Sam19XX
    1- Actually, that depends on what you use it for. If you download social media apps then for sure , it connects you to the world which is the opposite of your point.
    3- That is just you and your will power. I have a phone. I am not addicted to it at all. I have no games on it too. Only social media apps. So just because you got addicted to it , it doesn't mean that everybody will.
    4- Yeah you can spend that money elsewhere and i know where you will be spending it. Mails. Lots and lots of mails since you cannot send messages without a phone.
    5- Well the point of the whole invention is to use it when you need it. It allows us to call/text others so we all are dependent on them. What are you gonna do when you get kidnapped/lost and you dont have a phone because you "dont need a one" and you will be using landline phones which can do the exact same thing right (especially that you can carry them away wherever you want) ?
    You are missing lots of its advantages and you are also acting like point 3 affects everyone.
  • Heera

    But I agree, even tho people tend to be addicted to social media rather than smartphones
  • Milomir
    The tittle should be "why i don't own a smart phone"

    Not all cell phones are internet capable

    Just because a person has a smartphone doesn't mean he uses it for anything else other than call/sms

    Smartphones have small screens and are usually not strong enough for my internet needs. I can't stand anything with a display less than 15"

    The only reason i have a phone is to get in touch with friend
  • posted
    True.. my last job there was someone who constantly wanted me to call the boss and tell her what time it is until I got fed up.
    People without them can be pretty damn annoying as well lol, I couldn't date someone without one. But the people who really let it consume their life and use it when theyre hanging out... Don't hang out with them very often haha.
  • JudgmentDay

    "This is the world now. Plugged in, logged on, all the time. They can't live without it." -John Connor, Terminator: Genisys
  • Paris13
    Great My Take, @MissMc3
    Although I Agree with you on 'Why I Don't Own a Cell Phone,' it is always Good Advice from my own End, my Friend, to Carry a Cheap One, hun, in Case of an Emergency.
    My parents thought like you. However, when they Found themselves Stranded on the Side of the Highway one Day, the next Day... They went out and Bought themselves a Cheap Celly.
    Good luck. xx
  • Josht13
    are you on a tablet or desktop either are also very distracting.
    • MissMc3

      I can't exactly bring a desktop to hang out with my friend or go on a date, now can I?

    • Josht13

      yeah but it's stopping you from going out also most people only use their phone when they are trying to pas some time.

  • MusicMayhem
    Wow, really cool take. I have to say lately I kinda wish I could get by without one. It really annoys me how much people text. They're scared of talking on the phone, let alone face to face. This is costing me credit recharges constantly which sucks. Like why can't we just meet up somewhere and enjoy the outdoors and sunshine, go for a nice walk?
  • outmyroom
    Great take. Respect. If only I could give up my phone and social media I would be set.
    • Cowboy6666

      With me... 😏

    • Prof_Don

      @Cowboy6666 I see no reason to give up smartphones, some people just need to learn some damn self-discipline and not be ADDICTED to their devices. 👍

  • lightbulb27
    how do you function without it? its a mini computer...

    * you can add that it causes increase in cancer...
  • Mustachekitteh
    I have a cell phone but I barely use it, I just have it to help me stay in contact with people when I'm not home.
  • Unit1
    I have a cellphone but not a smartphone and this is true.

    I am not one of these addicted smartphone starers. I just use it to make calls or shoot low quality photos at objects and write some memories to help me keep information in mind. Sometimes calculating too but that's all there is with my phone.
  • ProbablyTooMature
    I personally enjoy severing the connection with my phone. Sometimes I just leave it elsewhere in my apartment and don't look for it. Or even *gasp* leave completely without it. I don't answer every time it rings, or every time I get a text. I use it on my time.
  • ayylamo
    I only spend $100 a year on my smart phone because I have the cheapest limited data, minutes, & text plan possible. I use google hangouts for free wifi calling at home to save on minutes.

    So #4 is debunked.
  • Prof_Don
    There are way more positives than negatives with a smartphone.

    Most of your negative points, can be negated with some good 'ol fashioned self-discipline.
  • reixun
    Absolutely wrong, my cell phone connects me to the world and other people.
    • Prof_Don

      Well said, missy! Smartphones are handheld personal computers with constant internet connectivity, so awesome! Being able to connect with friends and family, as well as the world if i want to, in the palm of my hands is some awesomely badass shit! :-D

      Like any tool, it is about how you use it. I used a knife to cut chicken for a chicken casserole today... I can also use the same knife to kill somebody. Same tool, different use.

    • Prof_Don

      Also, don't forget about GPS, calculator, graphing calculator, note-taker, email for business/school, Microsoft Office software to edit/view docs on the go, camera... many things these little devices of joy can do!

      Just don't be an addict and have some self-discipline. The world can learn from us, Missy. 👌

    • reixun

      @Prof_Don Well said

  • John_Doesnt
    But you are using a computer with internet to type this myTake. So you obviously need some form of modern communication.
    It's like people calling a news show to protest TV.
  • Zorax
    I never liked cell phones, I wish they were never invented, great Take indeed :D
  • ladyinwhite
    I need a phone but I'm not addicted to it.
    I see people around me using it 24/7 and I'm like, what the hell are you doing with your life? all you do is , checking your phone as you gonna miss something if you leave it for few minutes.
    I can and can't live without it, first of all, we sometimes need to use it to make a call, send a text message etc and it's not just for asking your friend "w'sup" sometimes it's for business , hearing from your family who lives miles away and so on...
    but the "smartphone addiction" is really bad.
    phones everywhere - normal , old fashioned conversations - nowhere.
    can we change it? probably not. until they decide for themselves that is time to leave their phone for at least couple of hours and go out and have some fun / learn to live without a phone
  • Hidden_P
    Okay cool for you. I just hope you don't get lost or in an accident.

    Personally I can't live without my phone (s). They run my life.
  • Femdomina
    Good points, I don't like cell phones either, excellent Mytake.
  • madhatters4
    i mean i agree but it also seems like self control can avoid all these things

    i own a cell phone. i don't allow the phone to own me. the phone is for making a phone call or communicating via text. the smart phone is a convenience for me (gps, traffic apps, online banking, tuning my guitar, getting guitar tabs, etc) i just try not to allow it to to cut me off from the world around me

    i totally get what you mean. a lot of people fall victim to the black hole like world of cell phones. it just seems like people need to exhibit more self control in those cases
  • pervertedjester
    vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/.../latest Good for you! I gave up my smart phone 3+ years ago because all I was doing was playing solitaire and sending pics/receiving them. I decided it was an issue like number 4 on your list. Got a Burner with an unbeatable solitaire game and with the lack of pic forwarding to eat my time I can write more Mytakes like this www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a30259-10-life-lessons-that-the-voices-in-my-head-agree-with-kind-of
  • TheButterfly
    I have one for 911 purposes and I use mine like a computer. Im actually more connect to my loved ones and friends because of it. Nothing wrong with loving your cell phone.
  • FatherJack
    Good take... glad you are thinking for yourself & not " following the sheep herd " , good on you !! I'm sick of dozy phone zombies bimbling around , never looking where the F they are going !!
  • NinjaZero420
    I don't own one either. The only time it would be a problem is if you ever found yourself really needing one, Because I haven't seen a payphone in awhile.
  • Moonstar2024
    I know plenty of people with smart phones (including me) who don't have these problems. Honestly, there are more benefits to smart phones but if you don't want one I'm not judging, it's your life.
  • lazermazer
    U must be saving for iPhone or you're just broke. No-offence
  • Flurr
    Agreed. I have a cheap cell phone with no real browser and don't have data.
  • BlondeBlueEyes84
    It's not a matter of choice for most people. I'd like sometimes to not have one around, but it's not possible because of my job.
  • Alexzktrafied
    My ex didn't let me have a phone and that made me feel cut off from the world, especially as we lived in the country. They said I could use the home phone to call people if I needed to -- so I had no mobile to go out with. Consequently, I felt unsafe leaving the house much. What do you do in an emergency? I know people survived most of history without phones but in this day & age, being without causes me anxiety. I don't view this as "dependency" or "addiction" -- being without a phone is stressful. Having a phone is not (to me). So, it's an easy choice. [shrug]
    • MissMc3

      People were surviving with out them just about twenty years ago, the dependancy is conditioned into you. You don't actually need it to be safe, you just think you do

  • ginny_weasley
    Did anyone else notice in the last picture the actress is holding her phone upside down?
  • WhaChaChaKing
    I don't even use social media. It's mainly to communicate with people.
  • sp33d
    Do you need a private helicopter to come pick you up for work when you can't be reached?
  • Doffydood
    I was the same as you, but my parents kind of forced me to get one last week :/
  • Decentguy
    awesome take. i dont own a cell phone too and its because of some of those reasons
  • datgirl
    Mmmm yea I love my phone. Didn't get my first one till like 17-18 and it sucked.
  • Yunusaadeniz
    I am turkish and i want to learn English. What do I for learn english? Help me
  • Lillevalss
    I own a cellphone, and none of this is true.
  • JamesDylan1990
    So like not even a old style cell phone?

    I dig not having a smart phone tho lol
  • mermaidrocketship
    Agreed. -- Typed from my smartphone.
  • YaBaba
    Great Take
  • pooper89
    Well some people don't have a landline
  • SovereignessofVamps
    How do you make friends?
  • yucel_eden
    Respect 👍🏻